Monday, April 7, 2008


Mr. D's team split the double header, and their 2 leading pitchers exceeded expectations, making him a happy man. Mr. T survived Extreme Day. He ran pretty well on Friday, but then when the 3-mile run was repeated Saturday, he took nearly 3 minutes off his time. Wow! His attitude and drive amazes me. After a grueling 5 hours of Extreme Day, he was rewarded with take out from Chinese Restaurant No. 1, with extra fortune cookies and crab rangoon.

Spring is officially here, as evidenced by the mud chunks tracked through my house. Team Testosterone romped around in their new rubber boots, eating popcicles and rediscovering sandbox toys, scooters and bicycles. Several inches of bulbs poked through the mulch and the last of the snow is GONE. April is a sneaky month, however, known to dump snow and late freezes, so I resisted the temptation to clean out the beds and limited myself to raking the lawn and picking up trash blown into the fields. Fortunately, I've got plenty of lawn to rake and field trash to gather.

In the course of my weekend reading, which included People of the Book by Geraldine Brooks (heartily recommended) and Arthur's Chicken Pox (recommended by Mr. G & Mr. B), I came across Mrs. G's Women's Colony. I've made it my new Happy Place, demoting the Italian villa with George Clooney to Second Choice Happy Place. If you've not read of it, check it out.

I leave you with a baseball haiku:

Green infield grass crushed
beneath cleats. Bleachers gleam. Spring's
thunderclouds threaten.

Irises, lilies and daffodils, oh my!


  1. The Women's Colony rocks! Congrats on your tulips...

  2. We are Water Polo players and Cheerleaders around here now, but I remember the days of Baseball and Softball.

    Great haiku!

  3. I'm so THERE in the Women's Colony; however, as a retired nurse, I've offered my services as personal assistant (or handmaiden) to the doctor when he calls~

    Haiku neat,too.

  4. Please forward all my mail to Women's Colony. Ever since I read her post a couple of days ago, I keep thinking of it as a real place.

    So glad your snow is gone. Fingers crossed that you won't get any more!

  5. I have a few sprouts attempting to peek up, too! Yay Spring!

  6. George Clooney has special VIP passes. He can come to the Colony any day of the week, don't you think?

  7. I fantasize about the women's colony while in bed with my own husband. That's how hot the women's colony is.


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