Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Champagne taste on a beer budget

Me: Mr. T, what do you want for your birthday?

Mr. T:

Me (after regaining my senses): Wow. Is there anything you want that costs less than $500? Like, say, some Legos or comic books?

Mr. T: Comic books are cool. And I'd like a chocolate cake.

Can you guess what Mr. T will get for his birthday this weekend? I'll leave you with three hints: it won't have an engine or a motor, it won't require additional insurance or a "plan" with minutes, and it'll have fewer than 10 keys/buttons/switches.


  1. Chocolate cake is always good.

  2. A used piano with only 10 keys?
    A REALLY old map of Florida?
    I give..But chocolate cake ALWAYS makes me happy! ;p

    Happy Almost Birthday Mr T.!

  3. Well done continuing to ask. For Mother's Day every year, I say "I want you to clean the car." It's the one time each year that it actually gets clean!

  4. Yeah, that's me. My husband reminds me often that I have champagne tast on our little beer budget...

  5. Oh, I'm going to need more clues than those. And some cake, please.

  6. Um, either the skeleton or the iPod?

  7. I can't help with the gift, but I do have a recipe for the best chocolate cake EVAH, if you'd' like it. Seriously, Bossy has certified the cake.

  8. So, Mr. T. wants a skeleton? I love it!

    I've been seriously away from my computer the past couple of weeks and have a LOT of catching up to do. I hope you know that I still love your blog

  9. Boys will be boys - the Husband bought Lego technic for himself two christmas's ago - he parceled it up and put on a label to himself from Santa - the girls were NOT impressed!

    ....I can follow the thought process on all those prezzies - except the bones!??????

  10. Oh dear Lord-Mr QM bought himself a $2000 telescope for "fun" I opened my mouth and he said, "How much did you spend on shoes this month.." I shut my mouth.

    Hope his birthday is great!


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