Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Field Trip

Time for a field trip--to collect soil samples! Everyone properly geared up? Rubber boots? Check. Pant legs tucked in? Check. Off we go!

We're heading to the Back 40 where we'll be taking five soil samples. It's a hike, so we'll ride on the ATV to this middle field. See how high the grass is? Last year when I was riding in the field in waist-high grass this brown creature began bounding along aside of me. For a moment I thought it was a kangaroo because I couldn't see it's legs. It took a full 30 seconds for me to catch on that it was a young deer that I'd spooked. Good thing, I was worried about whether to call the zoo or the humane society.

An aerial view of the Soil-Sample-Taker. It's a T-shaped device made of steel with a hollow tube at the end. Twist it down into the dirt...

Give it a yank and out pops ... NO! It's not a giant turd. It's a Soil Sample!

Deposit into the bag and repeat the process four more times in four different areas of the field.

A Bag O' Dirt. We're 1/2 full so we're good to go.

Isn't the woods lovely today? Let's take a little side trip in and look around.

Wildflowers! Careful where you step. Aren't they delicate? I wish we had Trillium growing but I've never found any on our property.

Hello! Anybody home? I wonder who lives here...

More sweet wildflowers--I don't know their names. I should learn this.

I hear the chatter up above me--but barely catch a glimpse of a woodpecker.

There's our ride waiting for us ...

Let's take a look at our freshly planted 1,900 tree seedlings. They don't look like much, do they? Bunch of popcicle sticks in the rows there. We'll have to post their progress a year from now.

Our soil sample is ready to go now. Let's load it into the Momvan.

And here we are at the Extension Office!

I may have to do a Bloggy Giveaway due to popular demand. Lefty does in fact have a younger brother and he is looking for a summer job ... Stay tuned!


  1. mmmmmm wild violets, very pretty. Thanks for taking us along.

  2. Thanks for the great tour of the back "yard"!! I think Trilliums need a moist and shady area to grow. Hope the little trees get rain and grow really nice...

  3. #1 What is the soil sample for?

    #2 I'm pretty sure the wildflowers are violets.

    Thanks for the tour! One day, I'm going to invite myself up for a visit.

  4. Lovely, but please mail me righty!

  5. That was a fun adventure! Those first couple of pictures... were they taken in my front yard?? lol!

    Does lefty's brother live in the NW perchance???

  6. And I was stuck in a basement classroom for most of the day-thanks for the escape.

  7. We have trillium all over our woods here.

    And yes, they are wild violets. I have a bunch in my yard...amazing where they pop up.

  8. I love your property. All that space. All those violets. Sigh.


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