Friday, May 16, 2008

Flashback Friday

Mr. T's tests are done and now we wait to go over the results because our health care system in America is slightly less effective than Kazhakstan's. The next available appointment is in July so we'll have him diagnosed before he hits puberty (not terribly helpful as we need to make some choices and decisions about next school year), so we're hoping the doctor can "rearrange" (read: bump somebody else out of their spot) her schedule.

The baseball team had a character-building experience and split their double-header yesterday (sigh). Last night's babysitter felt she was entitled to leave a mess and throw in a movie at 8:00 last night when she should have been cleaning up children and putting them to bed on a school night and didn't do her job (growl). It's about to rain because who needs to get anything done outside these days and Bruce and Peter Parker keep arguing over who gets the sword and who should sit by the Batman placemat and won't stop fighting because they were up too late last night and did I mention that our normally dependable babysitter sucks?

I got dressed this morning and discovered that because of my nasty perspiration problem that went too long untreated most of my short-sleeved shirts are unwearable due to sweat stains. Do I want to go shopping? Not so much. Do I want to have yellow armpits all summer? Negative. Will I mostly whine and blog about it? Looks like it.

The only thing that can make a post like this less tedious irritating and complainy is a little humor with a Friday Flashback new feature I'm adding so you can learn more about my torrid past.

Today's Friday Flashback: A Hair Story

Like most stories, this one begins well.

A young girl had lovely brown hair.

Until one day her mother took her to the local beauty college for a haircut. The student was new and inexperienced and should've been expelled for what she did. The results were damaging.

The girl tried to grow it out, but everyone still thought she was a boy.

So she tried growing it out some more and ended up with a mullet.

(She still looked like a boy.)

In middle school there occurred a period of unfortunate attempts to conceal her bad hair.

(Headbands and hair spray because Young Miss said it would help)

She took a scissors to herself in high school and declared a "do-over."

(Any resemblance to Molly Ringwald was purely intentional.)

Then came a time of Great Experimentation with Spiral Perms and Hair Color.

(Permanent wave + Sun In = Big Flash!)

She posed as a redhead through most of college.

(The fact that the chemical straightening of said permed hair combined with constant coloring didn't make her hair break off at the roots is nothing short of shocking.)

These were known as the Glory Days of High Maintenance Hair.

(She is HAWT!)

But then she grew weary of all the effort and quit coloring and curling and blow drying and just asked for a good haircut. Her story does have a Happy Ending after all!

(Mr. G says, "Thumbs up!")


  1. I think I'm going to like this new addition to the blog.

    You and I had the same hair in high school. And I just HEART Molly Ringwald.

  2. here's the thing. in those early photos of you we could totally be twins. same color hair, same crazy bad hair cuts. i'm afraid to go look for my photos.

    love flashback friday.

  3. Oh my gosh - I lurve the hair retrospectives! I think you Molly Ringwald thing agoin' on. What girl didn't want to be Molly Ringwald in the 80s?

  4. Every woman's hair has quite a story to tell, and yours is very funny!

    I've had luck getting sweat stains out with Zout stain remover and sunshine-I'd rather do anything than shop.

  5. I'm loving these haircut pics!!!! and I have to know... DID she get expelled??

  6. What did I miss? Nasty perspiration problem? Gak!

  7. Thank GOD I don't have photos of the history of my hair.

  8. She is HAWT. Especially now.

  9. I got a spiral perm once that took hours to do, cost a fortune, and lasted 4 days.

  10. Flashback Friday is a great idea! I had most of those 'dos too - spent much of childhood humilitated that everyone thought I was a boy, had the Dorothy Hamil wedge/bob thing, the feathered sides, and the spiral perm. Oh the horror. Thanks for the trip down memory lane!

  11. You are so clever to have kept those piccies I loved flashback friday!

  12. All my hair pictures were destroyed in a terrible fire...

    My Mother always insisted on having my hair permed within an inch of it's life..So easy to care for she said.Very short,very fuzzy,VERY depressing. :(

  13. I love the hair flashback!

    When Danger Boy was diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome we went to the Pediatrician in October and the Neurologist in FEBRUARY. This is in one of the largest cities in the country.


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