Friday, May 23, 2008

Flashback Friday

It seems fitting this Flashback Friday to reflect on the life of Mr. T. since tomorrow is his 9th birthday. Twenty-four fun facts about Mr. T's life which began on May 24th, 1999:

1. Mr. T was born with a full head of gorgeous hair. His first haircut was at 3 months. He screamed and cried through it all.
2. He was not an easy baby, he wanted to be held and always move. A certified swing junkie, he'd spend hours in his swing. When not in his swing, he loved to be held by somebody who was not sitting still. He was a lot of work.
3. He slept in a Boppy between Mr. D and me for the first 4 months of his life.
4. As a baby, Mr. T smelled wonderful, nursed like a champ, and had an endearing habit of wiping his mouth with the back of his hand when finished eating.
5. Mr. T put everything in his mouth. He'd lick up puddles of water on our back patio. He'd suck on green peppers in the garden. He tried to eat grass.
6. Mr. T walked before he was a year old.
7. Mr. T loved to ride his Big Wheel around our block at our old house. There are still ruts in the cement from the gazillions of trips we made around and around and around that block.
8. When we moved, Mr. T spent the day with a babysitter. He arrived at our new house at suppertime, sound asleep. I put him in my bed with me so he wouldn't wake up afraid. He woke up at three in the morning ready and raring to explore our new digs.
9. Mr. T has loved Godzilla and other monster movies since he was three.
10. While he learned to ride a bike easily, Mr. T struggled to tie his own shoes.
11. An emotional child, Mr. T makes very strong attachments to people, places and objects--including this blanket:

12. Mr. T loves art. He hates coloring books and has always preferred to draw his own pictures. He's pretty good, I think.
13. Mr. T loves games. He has excellent sportsmanship and can truly beat me at Sequence, checkers, Sorry and Life. He has still to win at Chinese Checkers, however, because I am the master.
14. He is the best big brother on the planet. Mr. B and Mr. G LOVE him. He is kind, he shares, he looks out for them, he has amazing patience for them. He plays with them, makes up the best games, and hardly ever picks fights. To his credit, he even shares a room with Mr. B and Mr. G and he doesn't have to.
15. He started karate when he was 4. He has always enjoyed it and I am amazed at how good he has become at it. I love that he looks forward to family class so he can be in class with his mother.

16. The boy has an incredible imagination--he's always making up stories and thinking up wild ideas. He loves to hear stories read to him and in the last year has begun taking real pleasure in reading by himself. His current favorites are The Time Warp Trio and The Zack Files.
17. He is a good singer and has an uncanny ability to remember song lyrics. He's not a snob, enjoying a range that includes High School Musical, Neil Diamond, ABBA and BonJovi. (He discovered my stash of mix tapes from college and knows all the lyrics to metal hits from the late 80's and early 90's.)
18. Mr. T never lies and doesn't cheat either.
19. Mr. T has always liked being in the water. He dunked his head as a baby, started jumping off the high dive as a 3-year-old, and would spend most of his life going down waterslides if we'd let him.

20. His favorite foods are Casserole with the Bread on Top, Chinese food (especially Crab Rangoon), hot dogs over open fires, chips and salsa, and sweets. He brought blueberry muffins to school today as his birthday treat.
21. Mr. T likes to cook and enjoys watching cooking shows on TV with his dad--especially Hell's Kitchen.
22. He's pretty helpful when asked and good natured about it most of the time, too.
23. People always remark on his good manners and very long eyelashes.
24. I don't think anyone loves him as much right now as me--except maybe Mr. D. That's how it should be when a boy is turning nine.


  1. #25 - Mr. T has the best mom in the world

  2. He sounds like such a GREAT kid.

    I hope he has a good birthday.

  3. He sounds great (and a lot like my Danger Boy). Except for the singing part.

  4. What an awesome-sounding kid!
    And congratulations on winning Ms. Farklepants' Sees Candy contest!

    - Margaret

  5. I think I have a bit of a crush on a certain 9-year-old. What a great kid!

    Enjoy the birthday festivities and the long weekend!

  6. Catching up on blogs and love your tidbits. Happy Birthday, Mr. T! You are an awesome kid with an equally awesome mom~

  7. Happy Birthday Mr T.
    I think I would like him a lot!

  8. Two things: he's too young for Loopy (at the moment, but dating younger guys is de rigeur) so wait for it!

    And, does he still have the endearing back-of-the-hand mouth wipe habit... and if so, is it still endearing. Probably, knowing you.


    Hey "mom" you done good!

  10. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to him. Last year in the single digits - very exciting! Hope its a great day!

  11. I like sweet boys. My son was a swing junkie too-but he had to have the vacuum cleaner going at the same time. We tried taping the sound to reduce noise, but that didn't work. It had to be the real thing.

  12. I'm considering becoming a swing junkie. Sounds so relaxing.

    Your boy sounds like such a sweetheart. We already know his mom is. :-)

  13. Happy birthday Mr. T!!! I hope the coming year is a great one!

  14. Aww...Happy Birthday! The politician turned 2 on Saturday. I hope to have his tribute up later.

  15. Happy Birthday Mr T,

    It's No 2's birthday on Tuesday!

    We send virtual cake!!

  16. Aaahh, what lovely memories! Happy birthday, Mr. T!


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