Thursday, May 29, 2008

Green, Clean, Healthy

I've so many reasons to be happy today--but here are just a few:

* getting up early to make Blueberry Buckle (yum!)
* the green of the woods--lucky me to live with a view every day
* knowing that the purple-blue wildflowers are wild violets (thanks everyone!)
* sparring for the first time in over a month and NOT getting my ass handed to me
* learning a few new defensive moves from the Evil Mr. O
* FINALLY having Mr. T's IEP meeting this afternoon and completing our information gathering
* yesterday's test results showing us that Mr. T has some dyslexia but no cognitive disorders or severe learning problems and he should be just fine with the correct accomodations
* the test results also showing us that he's gifted in visual spatial areas, explaining his talent in art and design and building (future architect or engineer? I could totally live with that!)
* also showing that his short term memory is crap which might explain why I have to remind him 1,749 times every morning to "Put on your socks, brush your teeth, wash your face, get dressed."
* many books to read on my bedside table
* the laundry caught up until tomorrow
* Tuesday night's frost didn't kill my potted flowers
* Garrison Keillor's voice on The Writer's Almanac
* Mr. B's voice coming from upstairs where he's playing--he's engaged, happy and creative

Why, you ask, do you take soil samples? First, to fulfill our obligation to the county, state and federal governments so we can cost-share the new prairie and tree plantings on the Back 40. It's a red-tape thing. Second, you do this to find out soil conditions so you know what to plant and how to fertilize. Third, you might do this if you have a chronic condition with a crop or lawn and can't pinpoint the cause.


  1. Thank you for balancing out my post of complaining with your lovely post of happiness and gratitude. The Earth's delicate balance remains intact ... and you made me smile.

  2. Ahhh. IEP's are not-so-fun, but I am so glad to hear that the outlook for your Mr. is good! Great news, and a "You GO!" for working to see your lovey's needs are met.

  3. Good to hear some positive things came out of the IEP. :)

  4. It sounds like a great day up there in Wisconsin!

    I'm glad Mr. T's stuff is coming together and you know what you need to be doing. I had an accomodations meeting at our school on Tuesday and it was such a relief to have that done and everything finalized.

  5. Pleased to hear the tests went well and have positive routes forward.


  6. You've got some good mojo going on. Don't worry about short term (or long term) memory. I have to remind Buddy Budderson about 1000 times a day to do things.

  7. You had me at Blueberry Buckle.

    Colorado is so laid back. I was in bed last night as the dog howled at the coyote in the yard (eventually I'll get around to posting about that today) and I realized that Ethan's school never scheduled his end o' year IEP. Guess he did OK? Or does the school district agree with the motto "Keep Boulder Weird"?

  8. Blueberry Buckle and a stack of good books? I would never leave the house.

  9. Your Mr. T sounds so much like J4. Actually, he passed reading on our state mandated tests for the first time ever, but he blew math, along with almost 50% of the 8th graders in Georgia. Way to change the curriculum and not the test, Dept. of Ed! He had to get 795 and he got 793, so he has to retake the test at the end of June. Luckily with just a study session instead of full blown summer school, but still......we were worried about reading.

    It's fun, isn't it? Yours will be so much better off since you're already on top of took me too many years to figure it all out, I went with "the flow" for too long.

  10. Oh, and I forgot, I love Writer's Almanac. I always seem to be in my car at the right time everyday.

    Word for the Wise is on at a totally different time and I'm always in my car then, too.

    I'm in my car too much.

  11. You are one of the PRAIRIE PEOPLE! Blessed art thou! Thank you for giving back to Mother Earth what was hers before. I love prairies!

  12. all good reasons to be happy. although...

    getting up early, even to make something that sounds as good as blueberry buckle, would not make me happy in any way. ever.


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