Thursday, May 22, 2008

Little Boys

Aside from wanting a robot to do his homework, a chainsaw to fell trees, his own computer and cell phone (to call who? we have no clue.) and a skeleton because they're cool and he can learn all about how bodies work, Mr. T has a very reasonable wish list. NOT!

Great guesses, everyone. He'll get an ipod shuffle and a telescope (not just any telescope--a Geovision Omega Reflector Telescope--and yes, he might shoot his eye out). We'll all share it. He'll enjoy a smattering of folk, jazz and baroque music tossed in with Good Charlotte and High School Musical tunes. Our family will bond over starry nights and taking turns looking at constellations through the lens, murmuring our appreciation of the heavens.

Oh, and Hotfessional's question about ice cream? It's Badger State Fun Fact Time! There is a law on the books of the Dairy State that anyone serving pie in a restaurant must offer ice cream with said slice o' pie. There is a law on the books of Green Girl's house that ice cream must be ever present in the freezer because her family Big Puffy Heart Loves ice cream. There will be ice cream with Jenn's cake.

In other news, yesterday after school Mr. B informed me of his Big Plans. "I want to go live in the woods so I can be around the birds and the trees all the time. I want to just live there and sleep there and eat there."

Then he headed out with his backpack on his little boy back.

"What did you pack in there?" I called after him, curious to know what Thoreau Junior thought would be useful while going into the woods to live deliberately.

"My soccer ball and a jacket."

Of course. Just what one needs for survival in the wild. Christopher McCandless had nothing on my kid.

Later he returned through the yard, shoulders slumped, arms dangling dejectedly by his sides. "Mo-om! The M____s won't give me matches."

Turns out Mr. B was upset that his plans for living off the land in our woods were thwarted by our responsible neighbors who thought that a five year old boy should not have his own box of matches to play with. Sheesh. Grown ups ruin all the fun.

When we returned from Mr. T's soccer practice, there was a message from Mrs. M_____. I called her back and learned that Mr. B had asked her for matches--and went on to present a compelling argument in his attempt to convince her that giving him matches would be a good idea. She was happy to know he'd already told me about their conversation and she shared that she'd given him a little "talk" about fire safety and matches. I'm glad the M_____s are our neighbors. It'll take a village and then some to raise Team Testosterone.


  1. too cute. I can see where a soccer ball would come in mighty handy out there in the woods though.

  2. Your boys are so great!

    I think an iPod and a telescope will be great gifts. He's going to just love them.

  3. Super neighbour!

    We had old friends over to help build our new summerhouse last spring - their 9 year old arrived with an empty ammo case filled with matches and a gas lighter. He enquired if there was anything he could burn? "Yes" responded my husband and gave him a large pile of shrub trimmings to make a bonfire.
    Later when we tried to look for some of the finishes pieces of the summerhouse, we discovered that he had burnt them...grrrrr*@^*! That will teach us!

  4. sounds like a wonderful birthday. and sounds like you have wonderful bed time.

  5. So the soccer ball was for a pillow, right? Or to talk to, like in that Tom Hanks movie that I can't remember the name of. Hmm.

    Glad the story didn't end in a forest fire. :-)

    My kids haven't discovered the joy of matches yet. I'm keeping them super-secret.

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