Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Living with Alter Egos

Bruce Wayne

Mr. B has changed his name--granted he's only changed 3 letters of his given name, but it's tough to remember to call him "Bruce." He won't answer to anything else, but he's forgiving of his preschool teacher and his karate instructor while they adjust to the new name. I knew it was only a matter of time, he has been madly in love with the Batman since he was a year old. Every Halloween he wears a Batman costume (except one where he forayed into Marvel Comics and donned a Spiderman costume). He sleeps on Batman sheets, wears Batman t-shirts, carries a Batman backpack and owns a slew of Batman toys and action figures. Last week he announced that he "officially" changed his name to "Bruce" and we need to address him as such.

In true Monkey-See-Monkey-Do style, Mr. G has followed suit. He also uses "Man" in his superhero last name, but his "street name" is now "Peter Parker." Not "Pete" or "Peter," but "Peter Parker."

Last night we played Sequence Jr. It sounded like this:

Me: Okay, it's your turn, Mr. G.
Mr. G: I'm Peter Parker.
Me: Sorry. Peter Parker, it's your turn.
Mr. G: (takes his turn) It's Peter Parker, Mom.
(play continues)
Me: Mr. B, go!
Mr. B: It's Bruce, Mom.
Me: Right. Sorry. Bruce, take your turn. All right, Pete, you go now.
Mr. G: Peter Parker.
Me: Sorry!
Mr. G: Peter Parker. Your turn, Batman.
Mr. B: I'm not Batman right now, I'm Bruce.

Who won the game, you ask? It's not a MARVELous winner, the Dark Knight won.


  1. What was Wonder Woman's alter ego? You should take her name!

  2. You know it's just a matter of time before T wants a name change too.

  3. I had a friend whose son was obsessed with being dressed as characters from comics - in the evening she would find a crumpled mass of personas on his bedroom floor!

  4. It might stick! Scarlett was Louisa for nearly two years. She signed that name on school work and birthday cards. Just when I was resigned to the fact that she was going to change her name legally as an adult, she was Scarlett again. Sound of Music was her juju.

  5. I think they need to call you Wonder Woman.

  6. Oh, I had a Batman fiend, too. And Wonder Woman's alter ego?

    Lynda Carter! {{hee}}

  7. Sean wentthrough a stage when he wanted to be called "Chris" (his middle name is Christian) and we did our best. After a week he reneged; he didn't respond to it and finally told us, begrudginly, that we could go back to calling him Sean. When I asked what was wrong with "Sean" he said it couldn't have a nickname. He really wanted us to call him Mike.
    "But Mike is a nickname for Michael," I explained.
    "I know--that's what I wish you'd named me."
    Go figure.

  8. I wonder if your guys would buy the theory that allowing you to call them by the names listed on their birth certificates they could prevent the assorted foes who lurk from detecting their super identities...

  9. I would insist they wear name tags. And I agree that should be Wonder Woman from now on.

  10. "The Boy" has a roster of alter egos a mile long.He plays both super hero and villian so much (at the same time) we never know who he is!

  11. There was about a year when Grown-up Girl would only answer to Figarro (the cat's name from Pinocchio). She got over it!


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