Tuesday, May 27, 2008

My Favorite Summertime Present

Oh happy day! Professional tree planters came and planted all 1,900 seedlings! Mr. T adores his ipod shuffle and telescope (so much that I fear we'll never have another discussion that doesn't begin with "Are you listening to me? Take those off while I'm talking to you!"). Lefty graduated high school and came back to work for us today!

The best and most ingenious idea Mr. D ever had was to hire one of his ballplayers to work for us in the summer. Lefty makes cash to help pay for college. I get help with all our "projects" and taking care of the boys. Mr. D never gets nagged on the weekends to finish his Honey-Do List because Lefty does it. String trimming? Check. Wash windows? Check. Till garden beds? Check. Weed? Check. Set up fences? Check. Paint? Check. Babysit in a pinch so I can go grocery shopping without Team Testosterone in tow? Check. Clear trees in the Back 40? Check.

Sure, Lefty drinks his weight in Gatorade, but the boys adore him and he's reliable and trustworthy. Mr. G goes running into his arms the minute he pulls in the drive and Lefty's happy to lift him up. It's worth hefting a few cases of Gatorade into the fridge every week to keep The Hired Help happy.

I'm a spoiled woman today--I have a nineteen-year-old-boy to do my beck and call all summer long until he heads to college. That's better than diamond jewelry, spa weekend getaways, designer purses or a sports car. Mr. D gives the best presents evah. Lucky me.

Now if we can get the gale force winds to die down and the temperature to rise above 55 degrees for Mr. T's baseball game and Mr. B's soccer match tonight, life will be perfect.


  1. Man alive, now I want a Lefty too!

  2. Does he have a brother who would like to come to Michigan for the summer?

  3. I want a Lefty toooooooooo!!!!! Whine, whine, cry, cry!!!

  4. Sounds like a Cool Hand Luke to me!

  5. Has he got a brother called Righty? If so I want first refusal!

    Ace prezzie!

  6. Since Hen called Righty...Does Lefty have another brother named Ambadextrious?

    I ain't picky y'all. ;p

  7. Oooh! Nice prezzie! Glad all is well, it's good to catch up with your news... And your eldest sounds a lot like mine!

  8. Damn, that IS a good summer present!!

  9. Now you're just being mean. :-)

    Wow, I could use someone like that.


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