Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Odds and Ends

Sadly, history was not made for the varsity baseball team last night. They ended the season 14-6, placing 2nd in the Conference. We're still holding out for a great showing in Regionals starting Friday night, however. We took 2nd because the team that took 1st didn't lose last night. (A shout out to Sarah who kept us posted from her hometown--Mr. D was glad to have her updates while she listened to the game on the radio and called in scores along the way.) The 1st place team has an incredible coach, so it's easy to concede to him--he's legendary, really. Now it's game by game, the parents and fans standing by with fingers crossed and prayers on their lips.

Tonight the Park and Rec games begin--Mr. B has soccer and Mr. T has cadet baseball without overlap. I'm waiting for a call from our professional tree planter and keeping our 1,900 seedlings properly stored, damp and cool, in our garage. I sent out the final PTA meeting minutes of the school year and unearthed an overdue library book that I had every expectation of replacing. The annuals are planted in clay pots and baskets and Mr. D tilled up the Neighborhood Pumpkin Patch, signs of progress around here. I got up extra early this morning and mopped my floors and cleaned my kitchen. If I can get the grocery store and library this morning, I'm calling today a HUGE success.

In the midst of this chaos, I need to get my cholesterol tested. (I received a stern lecture and command from my OBGyn, who I saw last week for the first time after 4 years of neglecting to schedule an appointment.) Mr. D's office is holding a free Health Risk Assessment Thursday. I'm healthy on all counts and looked over the prerequisite questionnaire while waiting for the PTA minutes to print. I felt rather smug filling out the "Readiness to Improve" section. I don't have to quit smoking or drinking. I don't need to lose weight, exercise more, reduce my stress or improve my eating habits. By all counts, (insert a quote from a favorite movie):
"As I expected: ' Green Girl, practically perfect in every way.'"

Mr. D, Green Girl and friends
Why, it's a Jolly Holiday!
Let's go eat some cookies and pie, honey!
Is that Guy Fieri over there?
Let's join him for a beer and a burger with a side of onion rings.


  1. My friends Gynie didn't tell her to get a cholesterol test - he told her she had pretty 'bits'!!!

    Longing to tell you about new eco plans for our rebuild - you will giggle!

  2. But you ARE practically perfect in every way.

  3. Sounds like a jolly holiday over in Wisconsin, from blood tests to sports . . !

  4. You're list makes me feel like getting off the computer and accomplishing something!

  5. wow! you are busy!! PTA minutes, cholesterol tests and sports!!!! no wonder you don't need to lose weight or exercise more -- you never stop moving.

  6. It sounds like you get more done in one morning than most people do in a week!

  7. I should do more. Still, I probably wouldn't catch up with you. It's great that you take such great care of yourself.

    I think it's safe to say that I've never spoken or typed the following sentence: "I got up extra early this morning and mopped my floors and cleaned my kitchen."

    You rock.

  8. If you are looking to "beef" up your cholesterol,and not in a good way,Guy IS your guy!

    I agree he is a cutie. ;p

  9. Yay for finding the lost library book! We had one of those this week, too. Always such a relief.


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