Thursday, May 1, 2008

Show and Tell

I felt pretty humbled reading Sarah O's Show and Tell meme the other day, but it inspired me to clean my kitchen and give y'all the grand tour. You can drop your nickels in the tin cup on your way out.

As a Conservationist/Homemaker (see how I'm working in my new job description there?) I spend equal time in my kitchen and minivan some days, but the minivan is disgusting and frankly I'm not about to clean that out just to post pictures of its shoddy, stained and loveworn interior. So kitchen it is.

The fridge, buried by the hot lunch menu for the rest of the school year, photos and ART! Hanging off the side is the apron I don when I'm feeling especially domestic.

I keep the most important food groups next to the fridge--bread and coffee.

The line up of small white appliances. The teakettle is a particular favorite. Did you know you can boil eggs in that? I know because Alton Brown told me so on his TV show the other week. The sweet potatoes are banking on Friday night's baseball game getting rained out so we can have a family dinner. Beneath you see the top of a dishwasher that I have kept a big secret--NO ONE else in this house has discovered how to load or unload it yet...

The kitchen sink! There's my radio--tuned in to Wisconsin Public Radio so I can keep up on world events. To the right is my attempt at pottery (that went badly). Inside is a huge and sweet-smelling cake of Zum soap.

Where the magic happens, people. My Office. Let's take a closer look.

Grand Central--schedules, forms, rules, regulations, just about any darn thing I ever need to manage Team Testosterone and activities. Conveniently located by the phone, a cup of pens, a cold cup of coffee and paper.

My computer snugly tucked in between counter and
yet another Stack O' Papers.

Across the room we find...

Another Stack O' Papers! You'll note here the distinct difference between Mr. D's sense of organization and my own... Also notice the vast expanse of empty countertop next to his pile--I shoved all his stuff aside a little so I could do some baking yesterday.

One stop cooking. Oooh! Look! It's my reflection in the microwave! My head looks gigantic, doesn't it? And finally:

My last stop every night before I head for bed. Why? That white dish belongs to the Violet the Cat--the clean dish comes out of the dishwasher and I set it there to bring downstairs when I feed and water her. And speaking of cats--that's her at the door yowling so she must have caught something in the field that she wants to share with me. Happy Thursday all!


  1. Green Girl--Your kitchen is as warm and inviting as you are!

  2. Can I have your kitchen? Can I at least come over for coffee?

  3. It looks like a lived in house and kitchen!!! Housework is never done, so do the things at are important first--Kids, cat, and writing a blog that we all enjoy!!

  4. I need to find out how to boil eggs like that, and how did I know you are a public radio listener? You witty, cool conservationist, you!

  5. I'll have lengthen GG to GGCH now with your new title. Alton Brown,every night at 11:30 at our house, a Doc fave due to his science theories. Have the same coffeepot and kettle as you--scary!

    I loved the look at where you spend your time, esp. the corner you've carved out for yourself.
    HINT for the dishwasher: Get Doc to give you a note for complete bedrest for bad back for oh, say, ten days, and watch how Mr. D learns how to use it!

    Now if I could only figure out how to get snaps onto my blog page, I'd share mine...

  6. What is it about those stacks and stacks of papers? I've threatened to set fire to the house just to get rid of them.

    Not that I have pyromania or anything.

  7. All I know is that there's hell to pay at my house if anybody touches my stacks and stacks of papers. I know exactly where everything is in that stack.

    Ok, I'm lying. But they don't know that.

    We listen to Atlanta Public Radio--they play classical music all day and only have the npr stuff on at drive time. This peeves a lot of people but it doesn't bother me. We just can't pick up Georgia Public Radio unless we're pretty far outside the city. I stream Minnesota Public radio on my computer at work because one of my friends from college has a program on MPR. Is that more than you wanted to know about me?


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