Monday, May 5, 2008

Suckers for Sayings

Phrases you'd likely hear at my house if you hung out with me for a day:

Buckle up, Chuck.
Get it? "Upchuck?")

Pitter-patter, let's get at her.

You're killing me, Smalls!
From The Sandlot)


I told you yesterday, they don't have names!
Mostly said while playing Sequence Jr.)

The sun is shining, the tank is clean and we--the tank is clean? The tank is CLEAN?!?
From Finding Nemo)

Giddy-up, Buttercup!

Excuse me, excuse me
From the bottom of my heart
If it would've come out the other end
It would've been a fart.

Cheese, Gromit!
Said while doing the hand motions, when asking for a snack, from Wallace & Gromit)


  1. We quote all sorts of movies, including "A Fish Called Wanda," "Monty Python and the Holy Grail," "Finding Nemo," "Parent Trap," and "Flushed Away."

    Pete and Ellie are natural mimics and can nail a variety of foreign accents.

  2. It's amazing how kids can remember dialogue, isn't it? Love W&G, love Chicken Run, too.

    Briary sayings (to dogs instead of kids): Let's go, Bonomo!
    Who wants a piggy ear?
    Big bone for big boy-
    Not quite the cachet of things for kids...

  3. Totally off topic- I share cookie recipes and why don't I have your e-mail addy?

  4. We are found of Winnie the Pooh, Wind in the Willows and Father Ted quotes.....for instance:

    "We can't all and some of us don't" -Winnie the Pooh

    "Poop poop"
    "Theres simply nothing better than messing about on boats" -Wind in the Willows.

    "Ahh it's got two heads and four arses Ted" - said in an Irish brogue and...

    "Oh go -on wid's just micro cake, ya won't even feel it gowin down" - Father Ted again

  5. Is it bad that I feel the need to immediately begin using "Buckle up, Chuck?" It soothes my inner 8-year-old boy.

    As for quoting movies and such - right there with ya, sister. My fav obscure quote is Chevy Chase as Gerald Ford on SNL saying, "I was told there would be no math." This is my fav response when I have no idea how to answer. Unfortunately, I'm the only one who thinks it's funny.

  6. Love the "Cheese Grommit" one! My kids still don't get it when I say "Sorry Charlie". My son will always say, "My name's not Charlie!" LOL!

  7. We say Cheese Gromet too. I'm stealing giddyup buttercup.

  8. If I'm lucky (and my kids are luckier still) these will all be stuck in my head from now on!

  9. You will definitely hear the Sandlot line if you hung out with my sister and I for any length of time.
    And the Wallace and Grommit lines are all popular with me and the hubbs.


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