Tuesday, June 10, 2008


I'd like things to be more like this...

I'm not their slave girl!

Team Testosterone began their summer schedule and, like underwear creeping upwards, it's requiring some adjustment on my part. The bachelors enjoy long days of leisure--some TV, minimal chores, a lot of playing between sandbox, swing set and trampoline with the hose. They stay awake until 9:00 p.m. Mr. G wakes up at 6:30. Mr. B and Mr. T wake up at 8:30. They require constant and continual feeding. I'm also obligated to encourage (read: force) Mr. T to work on things like math and practice his guitar.

This means that I have to start:
* shopping for 5 daily meals/snacks--children home all day tend to eat all day.
* doing loads more laundry--as I type this, 3 loads are drying outside. This whole sandbox/water hose thing is messy.
* vacuuming and mopping daily (see above).
*cracking the whip--I'm not their slave girl, they can put away their dirty dishes, snack foods, toys and clothes. They can also assemble themselves for soccer games and trips to the library. I'll tie shoes and shout orders.
* changing bedding more than every other week. They go to bed filthy and if they're not getting in the shower every night, the sheets need washing.
* figuring out when I'm getting my free time (read: blogging, editing, writing time). Between 9:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. is not sufficient.
* cleaning bathrooms more regularly. They're all boys and they have terrible aim. And for some reason Mr. G won't flush his poops down, so that's another nasty surprise every day depending on when we find it.
* striking the balance between leisure time and enrichment and instilling discipline. I don't want to organize every minute of their day--I'm a big believer in free time and boredom and cardboard boxes and creativity. I'm also a big believer in a little bit of planning.
* refereeing all day long instead of after school only. I hope we'll start with more yelling and time-outs and after a fashion require less Mom Interference.
* pacing the day so we are prepared for 5:15 t-ball games and 1:00 library programs. Going from a tightly scheduled school year to the looser, but still weekly summer schedule means watching the clock differently.

I love this gang, but having them around all day every day all of a sudden takes my breath away.


  1. Good grief! Wouldn't you like to have 3 or 4 more? Sounds like you are keeping your cool, though, and measuring out large amounts of motherly love in the process. Cute slave girl.

  2. You better plan on brewing an extra pot of coffee to get through this day.

  3. And to think I'm struggling with only two children and you have the third one, plus what appears to be a lot more dirt and sand.

  4. Don't you just love summer "vacation"?

  5. I'm feeling your pain! Thank goodness school is out!

  6. I am right there with you. I'm having to fit my day job in around my new summer job of watching the kids. aaahhhhh....

  7. Yes, you don't have your tolerance built up the way we homeschooling moms do. I call it the "Kid-Induced Lobotomy," actually.

  8. Hard work - don't forget time to rest!

    The only helpful thing I can think of is get the boys to pee alfresco - 60 acres - plenty of room - and less mopping up indoors!...
    ....or have a peeing competition, and paint a target round the loo!

  9. It's so great to have summer here . . . and so great when it's over.

    Hang tough on the chore thing--it makes for much better adults.

  10. Takes my breath away just reading it!

  11. Lordy do I remeber those days! I remember givng them a "free" week and then lowering the boom.

  12. *I* gave my three boys a toilet cleaning tutorial! "THIS! Is a toilet brush! THIS is called Harpic! It is DEADLY POISONOUS... Maybe you are to little for this..." " Oh no! We are old enough! Really! Show us the childproof cap thing!" "Weeelll, okay. Here's how to clean the inside. And here's how to clean the outside, here's what to use on the floor. This stuff is for the shower. Keep the windows and doors open, and don't inhale. Now, BE GOOD or I WON'T LET YOU CLEAN THE BATHROOM ANY MORE!" I am a genius.

  13. I had a terrible headache the first week of vacation from yelling all day. The worst was the 5 million trips to the kitchen.

    Get outta my kitchen!

    Boot camp is still underway. Gotta do it when they're one step away from becoming juvenile delinquents.

  14. Summer vacation, indeed. I've got my kids on a steady diet of not doing much these first few weeks. Then, after that, the things we do will feel like a carnival.

    It's all about proportion. :-)


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