Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Breakfast of Champions

The lilacs have passed their prime, so Columbines have taken over my table--I always have cut flowers while they're blooming.

Team Testosterone slept until 7:50 this morning, so I got to read a bunch of blogs and make coffee--in fact, I was in the middle of my second powdered sugar cake donut when I heard a door open. I leapt up from the computer, and shoved my face full. It turned out I had to punch myself in the sternum several times while choking on the half donut I'd stuffed in my mouth. I hid my powdery white lips and recovered in time to meet Mr. G around the corner. (What? There were two donuts left...I have three sons, somebody was going to either get left out or beat up over it--I'm a peace keeper if nothing else...)

Mr. T & Mr. B got washed, fed, clothed and shunted off to 2 hours of soccer camp. Mr. G helped me pick strawberries and we topped off our breakfast (theirs--Cheerios, mine--donuts) sitting on the front porch. Mm-mm-good.

If you've been watching the news, you've seen Lake Delton is gone. I've got a dear friend who lives down there--and her family owns a B&B in the area. I've been on Lake Delton loads of times--from childhood up until now--I've seen the Tommy Bartlett Ski Show, ridden the Wisconsin Ducks, taken boat rides and admired the cottages and condos lining the shores of our fair state's great getaway. It makes me sad for the people whose lives have depended on that lake for decades. It makes me sad for the people who have good memories of times spent on the lake. Hard to imagine an entire lake gone, just like that. I wonder if they'll ever be able to return the area to it's former glory, or if it'll become something entirely different.

And speaking of natural disasters--Team Testosterone is great about peeing alfresco, in fact I think it's because they do that their aim is so lacking. They may be banned permanently from the house...there aren't enough Lysol wipes to keep up with their splatter.


  1. I'm so glad we are not the only ones dealing with the splatter. why is this so hard?

    I heard about Lake Delton and the dells -- I grew up in Minnesota and visited the dells a couple of times. It's just to sad. I love the Tommy Bartlett ski show and the Wisconsin Ducks....

  2. This made me laugh, because now that the warm weather has arrived my Kindergartner has taken to peeing outside.

  3. I saw the photos of Lake Delton and just can't believe it. Especially those photos of the people whose homes fell off the shore.

  4. I saw that on tv, too...omg, I've never seen anything like it.

    We have, of course, the opposite problem here. Our lakes are empty because we have no rain.

    But that is devastating. I saw those huge houses just swept away. Amazing that water has that kind of force.

  5. Love your flowers! I saw the Lake Delton pics on TV and in the newspapers down here on the gulf coast. A friend emailed me last night and said that the west side of Reedsburg (where we used to live many moons ago) is also under water; Spring Green, on the Wisconsin River has water, as does Viola on the Kickapoo. That takes a lot of rain! I come down here to help out Hurricane Katrina victims, and they have the worst winter in many decades, and now all of this rain leading to major flooding. Incredible...

  6. I'm with you--I love fresh flowers on the table.
    And I'm afraid I'm also with you in that my boys have no aim.

  7. Watching those houses just break in half was awful.

    I love how you kept the peace by eating the donuts. I would totally do the same thing in that situation. Or just in general.

  8. Ugh. Right there with you on the pee issues. I cannot imagine having three boys to splatter! You deserved the donuts for dealing with the pee.

  9. I've been thinking of you when I hear the weather report.

    Your table looks beautiful.

  10. Love the flowers - we have lots of those, we call them Aqualiega / Granny's Bonnets here.

    What happened to the Lake - that sounds shocking.

  11. I was just thinking this morning that I hoped you weren't affected directly by the flooding.

    Still, I can't believe those pictures of the lake on TV. Hope all of your friends and family are safe.

  12. So sorry about that lake! I think our neck of the nation is due for some decent weather.


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