Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Fresh Starts, Fresh Curds

Two days of school remain--and then oh sweet summer! We're kicking it off Saturday with our annual foray to Cheese Fest. Yes, you read that right. I live in Wisconsin and there is a cheese factory up the road a mile from our house and another cheese factory down the road four miles from our house. Summer kicks off with Cheese Fest, a celebration of all things cheese. It sounds cheesy, but we're all about curds and whey in the Dairy State. Every year we join our old neighbors, the H family, and plant ourselves on the parade route two doors down from our old house.

Cheese Fest
is an old-fashioned community event that involves everyone we know. My neighbor Mrs. V has taken 2nd in the cheesecake constest, our kids march in the parade, we drop gobs of cash on rides and games and last year Mr. T won a prize for climbing one of those rock walls. A former student of mine competes in the cheese carving and this year Mr. B and Mr. T will partcipate in a karate demonstration. We'll enjoy live music, catching up with old friends and neighbors, and a parade which will land Mr. G an ice cream bucket full of candy. Politicians will come around to shake our hands, local celebrities will try to eat the most cheese curds.

But my favorite part? The food tent. Ice cream cones, cheese burgers, deep fried cheese curds, and this disgusting concoction called a Frito Pie (bound to leave a person bound up for days). After we've loaded up on food, had our fill of rides, and won our share of prizes, we'll waddle back to the H house where the kids will spend the rest of the day playing in the back yard and the parents bask lazily in the sunshine. Truly, can you think of a better way to welcome the first weekend of summer?


  1. I really do need to come visit your state.

  2. I second Jen - I lOVE cheese. (But your winters would KILL ME DEAD!)

  3. Hey now! Don't go dissin' the Frito Pie :) In the South they are a delicacy and a lovely item at any football tailgate (we make them right in the snack-sized Frito bags so they are tasty AND portable).

    But seriously - I actually did a Homer Simpson "mmmmmm cheeeese feeest" as I was reading your post. Hope you have a great time!

  4. Hey Melissa. we should have done this post together! I love hearing you talk about the cheese factories and all, cheese curds and such. I think I might just pop back to Coast Rat's home and do a quick, spur-of-the-moment post on cheese and cheese factories.

    Some friends from WI stopped by in February on their way to New Orleans to volunteer, and, bless their hearts, they gave me a 40-lb block of mild cheddar, which I have stashed away in hiding!

    And here I am, once again, following on the high heels of HotFessional yet once more! Good grief!

  5. Sounds like a fabulous "Welcome Summer" type of day to me!!

  6. Ahhhh I miss frito pies....we had them at all the spoting events in Nebraska. Sounds like a cheesy good time!

  7. Ah, Frito Pie. Don't miss working in the softball concession stand one bit....the hotbed of Frito Piedom.

    I love cheese. But it doesn't love me. I'm like Meg Ryan in French Kiss--LAC-tose in-TOLERANT.

  8. Is Frito Pie like haystacks? (Fritos, chili, cheese, onions, lettuce, tomato, and maybe olives and sour cream?)

    Lots of yum, it sounds like, and a great way to start the summer.


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