Tuesday, June 17, 2008

If I had the day alone I would ...

Finish writing critiques for the manuscripts sitting on my desk.
Iron while watching a movie.
Put clean laundry away.
Clean my bathroom.
Water the garden without "help."
Sort through the piles of kids' artwork and important papers & file them appropriately (not on the ironing board).
Fix website stuff.
Find all the library books to return tomorrow.
Finish scheduling babysitters for next week when I'll be out of town.
Pay bills.
Get my head on straight.
Get a little exercise.
Make a proper meal with a salad and dessert.

Instead, there was a milk truck in my driveway delivering water for this:

Guess what I'll be doing all week?


  1. I can't muster sympanthy for someone who HAS A POOL IN THEIR BACK YARD!

  2. It looks like too much fun is about to be had.

  3. No sympathy here, either.
    But Oh, the jealousy...... :)

  4. Hahahaha - what you save on the urinals you gain in the pool - just as long as the boys don't get confused!

    I have pool envy now!

  5. Well, one good thing about the south, we don't have to drain our pool. We just fish the leaves out all year round.

    We've only drained it once in ten years, and that's only because we had to renovate.

    Nothing in the world better than three boys and a backyard pool. J4 is out in ours right now....play, play, play....then crash.

    Love it!

  6. *gasp*

    How long did it take to fill?

  7. Yeah, I'd say the list can wait! Have fun.

  8. Just curious, are you on a water meter? Why use a water truck to fill the pool? Can I stop by when I'm back in Wisconsin in late July? Looks very tempting...

  9. Am I supposed to feel sorry for you?
    You LUCKY thing.

  10. Is that the COOLEST thing that you can swim in your own backyard? Does Lefty do lifeguard patrol? The work around it looks spectacular--now just WHEN did you say the Screw Iowa Gals were coming to test it out?????

  11. Oh boy are your kids gonna have fun!!!

    Oh, but a whole day to oneself? That would have been a great birthday present!!!!

    I grew up with a pool in my backyard and weather such that I could use it 6 months of the year. Loved it!

  12. Oh, our hearts bleed for you, you poor pool-in-the-summertime wretch! You DO know that advertising your pool online like this is the same as an open invitation, right? I would be there with popsicles if I could!


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