Monday, June 9, 2008

Mr. G eats cheese

We ate the cheese, slogged through puddles to attend a graduation party, and woke up Sunday to cancellations because of the storm system that has settled across the Midwest. We languished in a dry house enjoying excessive amounts of TV and home-cooked meals while recovering from Saturday. Because I have 2 manuscripts to edit, Mr. G will give the Cheese Fest Report. (But I never let him leave the message on our answering machine--I draw the line somewhere.)

That's me going to Cheese Fest.

That's me waiting for the parade coming ...

We saw a big tractor. Mom took the cheese they gave me and she ate it.

I'm not afraid of clowns. Not when they give candy to me.

There were cheesy dancing girls.

Here come my brothers.

Mom shared her opinions on politicians passing by. Nobody cared.

Then we went to the park. People carved cheese. The big man won. He carved a cycle-motor.

Mr. T and Mr. B climbed the rock wall.

Mr. T got to the top again but the buzzer at the top was still broken from last year. Mom said something about that 'not instilling a lot of trust in the rock wall's safety.' Mr. B didn't make it all the way up. Mom didn't let me go because I'm too little.

That's me! I went on the Crazy Castle 20 times.

There was more to do...I threw a ball at a fish and picked rubber ducks out of the water and shot a gun and threw bean bags. I won a lot of candy and stuffed animals and a ball.

Mr. B and I rode this. Mom went on the Tilt-a-Whirl with Mr. T and somebody puked.

This ride was the best. I got too dizzy on the dragon ride.

We saw the cheese again. And ate more cheese. Dad bought everyone silly string and we shot it all the way back to the H house. I want to go to Cheese Fest all the time.


  1. Sounds like the boys had a great time at the parade. I was wondering when you were going to find time to write a blog--guess Lefty will have to run "things"when you are telling us the fun stuff in your life!!!!

  2. Crazy Castles rock!!!

    Excellent report, Mr. G.

  3. Um, the puking? It wasn't puked cheese, was it Mr. G?

  4. Mr. G, your Mama is HELPING by eating your cheese. She wouldn't want you to accidentally get some less-than-stellar cheese. If she eats yours then she can be sure you know which cheese is the best. That's one good Mama you have there. Yeah. That's the ticket...

  5. Cheese Fest. Ha ha ha. Oh wait. You're serious. Sorry about that.

    Professor X lurves cheese. They used to call him "Uncle Mousey".

  6. Good Job, Mr G
    I enjoyed learning all about the Cheese Fest!

  7. So much fun! Sounds like a very good day.

  8. Did they have cheese curds?

    Mmm ... cheese ...

  9. Well reported Mr G!

    We have a song here -
    "Who, ate all the pies,
    "Who, ate all the pies,
    he did, he did,
    "he ate all the pies,"

    Maybe this could be reworked with the word 'cheese'?
    ....I suspect the cheese sculptor - how come his piece was so diddy?

  10. Great cheese report, Mr. G! Looks like it was a fun day with lots of cheese and other good things for everyone.


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