Thursday, July 10, 2008

Awards & Accolades!

'Twas a lovely thing to find this award from Mom on the Run over at Abnormally Normal. First, thank you, Mom on the Run for your fun posts about raising your crew (she's running a boot camp!), your exotic travels (London to Jackson Hole) and your adventures in living in the South.

Here are the rules:
Give the award to up to 10 people whose blogs bring you happiness and inspiration and makes you feel so happy about blogland! Leave them a comment on their blog to let them know they received this award. Remember that people can be tagged more than once!

Drum roll please ...
I officially pass along the "You Make My Day" Award to:

Attila the Mom over at Cheaper Than Therapy
--you want to howl with laughter? She'll help you every single time.

Auntie M over at Auntie M Writes
--not only is she a lovely and generous friend, she's 100% Anglophile and Bibliophile to boot!

Hen over at My Diary of Domestic Hiss
--she is an actual Brit, Slow Foodie and as Green as any girl I've ever met!

Madge from It's a Mad Madge World--I'm a new reader of hers, but I think our experiences with little boys gives us enough common ground for a wonderful relationship!

Jen on the Edge--C'mon, you really thought I'd diss my fellow Eco-Warrior? She's my BBF (Bloggy Best Friend).

Coast Rat--My only male reader* who leaves a comment--he sounds like a fascinating guy, plus he's from my homeland. I think beers with him would be a blast.

Cha Cha at Noodleroux--she's a hoot and a holler, plus she has terrific work stories.

Fannie Mae who writes This isn't what I ordered--always thoughtful with a comment and so down to earth that she'd fit right in at my neighborhood!

Nan from Things I've Found in Pockets--if she wasn't so darn nice, you'd despise her because she lives the life we all dream of while sleeping. Head on over to visit her--you will not be disappointed.

Deb the San Diego Momma--I know all bloggers are writers, but not all writers are bloggers and this momma is both. So if you write, you want to drop by and give her a read.

Go spread the love through Blogland, and if you haven't checked out these blogs, do yourself a favor and do so today!

* A shout out to the men who lurk around here--Neil, Rick, Mr. D--I know you're out there.


  1. THANK YOU!!! Your boys do sound quite familiar. The toilet story eerily familiar. Also, I grew up next door in Minnesota. So I've got some deep midwestern blood running through me.....

  2. SHUT. UP.

    OMG. I'd like to thank the Academy. And Green Girl, for making my day, for being my one and only (and favorite!) reader, and for pointing out some new blogs to enjoy.


  3. Oh Crumbs...I came over without preparing an acceptance speech....erm......

    "I'd like to say a big Thank you to my husband, my children, my cats / dog / hens and my friends for all being such good blogging fodder...without them I'd have nothing to write about.....but most of all....and from the heart....thank you for being such adorable bloggy friends....I'll have no trouble at all thinking of ten more gorgeous bloggers."

    Big air kisses to all! And big hug to you Green Girl!


  4. *wiping a tear of joy from my eye*

    Thank you!

  5. No Way!
    I never win ANYTHING, and I mean AAANNYYTTTHHINGG.

    But what matters is that this award is extra special coming from a writer I admire.

    I'm so glad Jenn at Juggling Life "introduced" us!

    And thanks for the validation (I need it more than I even hint at...) :)

    Your blog admirer,

  6. WOW! I don't know what to say... Thank You fellow Badger GREEN GIRL, for the award! I appreciate your confidence and kudos! I enjoy reading your blog very much! I'll be heading up home in about a week and a half to see family and do a special event I'll be posting about shortly.


  7. Yay! Green Girl, you rock. You GROOVE! Thank you so much!

  8. Shut the door! Thank you for the great award. My mother thanks you, my husband thanks you, my doggies thank you, and I thank you. Really.
    Quite cool. First award I've had in tons of years. And most special because it comes from Green Girl, my heroine~

  9. Well golly gee, thanks! I guess I better get some new stuff up over my way!

  10. Thanks so VERY much for the kind words and the shout!

    Working my way through your list---lots of faboo new blogs to read!


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