Monday, July 28, 2008

Good Sports!

Okay, you crazy dreamers, all such good sports. I shall reveal to you the dreamers and their dreams of what they'd do and be when they grew up:

San Diego Momma wanted to be a writer, a city girl in Chicago.
Gert wanted the Mary and Rhoda lifestyle--complete with the 60's harvest gold studio apartment!
Minnesota Matron wanted to be a Famous Writer. Was there any doubt?
Jenn at Juggling Life wanted to be a writer, too. A journalist at first, but now sees herself submitting articles to education journals upon completion of her teaching credential.
Jen On The Edge had no clue what she wanted to do when she grew up. Still doesn't.
Cha Cha gave up the theater major.
Ree was going to be a large animal veterinarian without children or husband while practicing animal husbandry.
Little Miss Sunshine State wanted to be a mom with 3 kids and teach piano.
Hen dreamed of becoming a ballerina at 10, marrying Simon LeBon at 14, designing at 16, having babies at 28, marrying Robbie Williams at 30 (but apparently NOT having his babies...), joining the circus at 35 and grow old disgracefully at 39.
Angie watched Gorillas in the Mist and fantasized about becoming the next Dian Fossey. (I have to add here that she is living my dream these days...)
Jennifer H was going to be a national news anchor.
Blackbird always wanted to be a mom.
Holly imagined life as a corporate raider and "Have it all."
Nan aspired to become a spy/rockstar/vet/lawyer/designer/architect with a kid and no husband.
Auntie M hoped to be the next Julie Andrews with 3 kids and a back up plan of becoming a Great Writer or Head Librarian at the Bodleian in Oxford.
Saucy dreamt of time travel and living like Laura Ingalls Wilder before the paperboy stole her heart.

I'm awarding prizes to TX Poppet, Minnesota Matron (who will be happy to satisfy that competitive drive of hers!) and San Diego Momma--no one leaves without a prize! Ladies, email me your addresses and I'll send you your choice of 3 lovely books:

Driving Sideways by Jess Riley
Whistling in the Dark by Lesley Kagen
French by Heart by Rebecca Ramsey

Thanks for playing!


  1. Hee! That was great. I loved seeing what people thought was my dream.

  2. Darn. I got busy and forgot to play. Thanks for posting the answers.

  3. What a fabulous idea for a giveaway! I love it!

  4. Dang, I was so far off on my guesses.

  5. First win of the season.

    I'm beside myself.

    Gonna email you now.

  6. how did i miss this? it was cool to see everyone's dreams.

  7. Ha! That is so funny! A can't believe Minnesota Matron guessed the right one for me....hilarious.

    That was a great post, loved it.

    Thanks for all the linkage.

    I'll repay the favor one of these days.

    Although, are you sure I'm living your dream? It's 90 degrees, I'm being eaten alive by deer flies and mosquitoes while I crawl through the dirt (dodging snakes) and pulling weeds (mostly thistle) and picking bucket after bucket of the dream, I tell you, living the dream:)

    Come to think of it, I could be in a cubicle - maybe this is okay.


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