Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Green Girl's Great Luck

First, thanks for the encouraging comments yesterday. Glad to know I've got good company on the Dysfunctional Family Front! While Creepy Guy may not have a criminal record as such, he is Unsavory at best, so Younger Sister's Better Judgment might prevail. It would be an unusual development at best, of course.

Lefty and I worked up a grand sweat weeding yesterday--we conquered the Veg Patch and the Neighborhood Pumpkin Patch. A swim and cold drinks were well deserved after those jobs! The weeds in the pumpkin patch were going on 2 feet high! The irony of gardening is when the weather is hottest and muggiest and buggiest, you're more likely to skip weeding--and the weeds are growing the fastest in said weather!

We've got raspberries, fillet beans and peas coming in at full throttle. I served up the first picking of beans at dinner Saturday night and each of the boys had seconds--then thirds! Nary a bean was left. Cooked up and dressed with butter and kosher salt--yum!

The zinneas have begun to bloom, as well as hollyhocks and bee balm. I love this time of year, the riot of color and the hum of bees enjoying my garden with me.

Last night at karate class I kicked over a WaveMaster for the first time ever! The WaveMaster is a freestanding punching bag, the base is filled with water. I've come close to knocking it over in the past year, but just as the WaveMaster teeters on the edge of balance, it lands upright and I'm bitterly disappointed. So close, yet no success.

Then last night we were taking turns on it with our partners and Meg suggested I try an offensive side kick to knock it down. The first two tries came close, but the third one--THUNK! There that WaveMaster lay on it's side! Victory was mine! I whooped and beat my chest and felt so damn proud that I finally had the power to knock one of those suckers down!

Fear me, WaveMaster. I own you. You are my bitch.

I awoke this morning just a wee bit sore from all my exertion--a good ache that meant my body was pushed more than usual. As I stretched and relished the soft coolness of my sheets, Mr. B and Mr. G came in to join me. We enjoyed an hour of PBS Kids together and it was good to be a mom in bed with 2 boys to snuggle.

Now I've got hot coffee, blogs to read, fresh baked cookies and children busy playing. What more could a girl possibly want?


  1. Awesome! Makes me want to go kick something.

    Enjoy your snuggly morning.

  2. a girl could not want more. what a perfect morning after kicking over that wave master. awesome!

  3. I'm envious of your Holly Hocks, mine look like crappola this year. And the WEEDS, oy, I HEAR YA!

  4. Your flowers are spectacular-don't kick them.

  5. Lord, Girl, you've got it all! A kicking good time! The beans sound delicious!

  6. Those used to be my favorite kind of mornings - in bed with the kids hanging out. Of course, now I have surly teenage girls and those days are gone - so enjoy them!

    Great job on the Karate move - you rock!

  7. Aaah...bliss!

    Way to knock that wave master on its keister!!!

  8. Sounds like a lovely, lovely day! I actually want to go out and weed.

  9. I love the pictures of the flowers...I'm such a romantic!


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