Wednesday, July 9, 2008

It's a Bird! It's a Butterfly! It's a Prairie!

All the different textures in the prairie ...

One Purple Coneflower about to bloom

Enviro-Girl is sure that blue flower has a name, but she can't recall it just now. She can point out asters and false sunflowers, though.

It's tempting to turn 60 acres into a grand playground of grass and garden and basketball courts. It's even more tempting to parcel it out and sell it off. Instead Enviro-Girl and Mr. D restored a prairie. Isn't it pretty this time of year? The Black-eyed Susans have just started to bloom. So have the Purple Coneflowers. It makes them happy to sit next to this and watch the birds and butterflies and listen to the hum of busy bugs. Other than burning it every couple of years, the prairie just requires their enjoyment. The diversity in these acres is amazing, as is the productivity of every plant and creature living on them.

For fun facts about lawn care, check out Eco-Women: Protectors of the Planet today.


  1. Oh how pretty!

    I have no idea what that blue flower is. I've never seen it before, so I'm guessing it's something native to your area.

  2. Beautiful. And I'm pretty sure the purple flower is a Spiderwort.

  3. I'm so glad you haven't done the aforementioned things. ;-)

  4. Lovely. Very Little House on the Prairie.

  5. Yes, the blue flower appears to be Spiderwort; I have some in my front yard. Bless you folks for restoring a prairie; that's wonderful!

  6. Melissa can I borrow you next year....I want to praire plant some of ours!?
    Yours looks gorgeous.

  7. Love the pics!!! Kind of would love to go roll around in it, but I'd be afraid of bugs. LOL


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