Monday, July 14, 2008

Number 3 Turns 4

Mr. G turns 4 today--although we've been celebrating all weekend since Grandma came to town. He ordered a "Super Why" cake and since Chef Duff was busy, Mrs. Landreman made it and hot damn it's a good thing I ordered a half sheet for all 6 of us--we demolished it in two days! I'd feel ashamed, but it was so good--chocolate with white frosting, not too sweet and perfectly moist ... but I digress. Back to my main point:

Fourteen Fun Facts About Mr. G Who Turns Four Today:

1. He wakes up first every morning--about 6:20 a.m., comes downstairs, crawls into bed next to me and asks, "Mom? Tan I watch PBS Tids?"

2. Not one, but TWO dimples add to his insane cuteness. Add a splash of freckles across his nose and a dollop of derring-do--well, imagine how the girls will call our house one day. (which reminds me to unlist our number this week)

3. He loves dinosaurs and farm animals and plays "pretend" for hours. He is also quite skilled at puzzles.

4. He'd love to have a pet chicken or pet cow. He brings this up every time we drive past a farm. We live in Wisconsin, the heart of dairyland. Imagine how often I hear him beg.

5. Sugar is his favorite food group. Popcicles, chocolate milk, cake, cookies, candy--he's been known to beg for a spoonful of sugar straight up.

6. He adores superheroes and leans toward DC Comics, preferring Batman over the rest of the Justice League. Flash runs a close second.

7. He loves to wear rubber rain boots. His yellow ones ripped so we bought him a blue pair. Now he wears them interchangeably--sometimes one blue and one yellow. Mr. D is ashamed when he does this and calls us white trash. I think it's cute because he's usually wearing a yellow shirt and blue shorts or pants so he's really extraordinarily coordinated.

8. He wears a Batman cape. All. The. Time. To the grocery store. To the karate school. To the park. To the post office. When people comment, he makes a "Pshooooo!" sound and runs away to show off how it flows behind him. Sometimes he'll add the mask and utility belt, too.

See? Yellow boots, cape, mask.

9. He can make the most amazing gun sounds. There might be a future for him in sound effects.

10. Fierce temper? You bet. Mr. D and I clocked him once at 22 minutes for having a meltdown. Spoiled rotten and the baby all the way. Alternately, he has a lovely sweet smell to him, so you can't help but snuggle him and call him precious.

11. He couldn't wait to move into his brothers' room and be part of the "Big Boys."

12. People would roll a ball to him and he'd pick it up and throw it back. Hard and fast. Baby G throws right and hits left. He hits like a dream, too. A natural athlete with a propensity to show off. He begs to take batting practice daily and would hit and hit and hit the ball for hours--but he wants a pitcher, not a tee.

13. Of three boys, he was the easiest to potty train, first to talk clearly and the quickest to dress himself.

14. His two best friends are his brothers and he'd do anything for their approval and go to any lengths to up with them.

Many happy returns of the day, Mr. G! Your Mama loves you, baby!


  1. Four is pure magic. I love it. He is adorable. I hope you have a wonderful, wonderful day.

  2. Happy Birthday to your boy! We've been on a birthday roll around here too!

  3. Happy Birthday!

    I had a cape wearer, too. They're so much fun.

  4. I like your site...I have 3 kids of my own Happy b'day to the little one!:)

  5. Happy birthday to Mr. G! Looks like he's got a handle on all the best stuff about being a boy. Love the cape!

  6. GG, i can't believe Mr. G, who I first knew in utero, is the BIG FOUR today! He's so darn cute, and that cake looked pretty good, too~

  7. Happy Day Mr. G!

    (What a cutie!)

  8. Four year olds really know how to dress. We should all have capes. Enjoy the birthday!

  9. I've got a Ms. T who would absolutely fall in love with your Mr.G.

    In a sweet, four-year-old, dimpley kind of way.

    Happy birthday to Mr. G!

  10. Happy Birthday little dude!
    He sounds like mine at that age.

  11. Happy Birthday, Mr. G! 4 - what a milestone.

  12. Awww, what a cutie patootie! Happy birthday to all of you!

  13. Happy birthday! We are definitely on a birthday roll around here! Aren't they fun in July though?

  14. This is such a neat post, Melissa, about such a neat kid!

    Happy Birthday to your Son, and special kudos to his Mom and Dad for their important influence in making him what he is so far in his young life!

  15. Hello! I just found you from If Only I Had Super Powers. Another mommy of 3 boys from WI! So nice to find you!
    Happy Birthday to your gorgeous little guy! :)

  16. Adorable. Hug him to death.

  17. LOL! I had to look twice at that photo with the dinosaur. I thought, "Holy Cats, he durned skinned the family dog!"

    Happy Birthday little guy!

  18. Happy Birthday Mr. G! We just had a boy birthday around here too!


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