Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Aging Ungracefully

In an attempt to wrap up the boys' "Bucket List" before school starts we went to Wild Air yesterday--a warehouse full of inflatable toys. Thursday we'll go to the zoo and Friday head to a local nature center. We already had "baking day," camping out and visited the children's museum. This afternoon they'll have a pool party with 6 buddies.

But back to the inflatables.

We played Tag through the obstacle course and let me tell you, all that climbing and crawling and sliding is a real work out. I had a little sweat going. Pleased with myself for multi-tasking--getting my aerobic exercise while bonding with the boys, I may have given a few other moms a condescending look while I raced past their perch on a row of folding chairs. We played a fierce contest of Tag, Mr. G collapsing with giggles and Mr. T speeding away from me every time I got close. But! I saw the chance to outsmart Mr. T when he disappeared into one end of the obstacle course. I climbed in the opposite hole and began rolling and army-crawling through to meet him--and make him "It." Chuckling with glee, I slid down an incline and landed in a heap, twisting my left knee. Oh! I do not possess the body of a 9 year old boy! Not even the body of a 19 year old girl! I winced and struggled onward. My knee throbbed and I felt the tenderness of a fresh blister on the top of my foot where I'd skidded across the rubber matting.

But sweet victory was mine! Mr. T didn't see me coming and I lurked in wait for him, ready to tap him on his head. "Tag! You're IT! Bwa ha ha ha ha ha!"

Oh such fun--but I awoke this morning to the howl in my left knee again. Stupid woman, it groans to me. You're thirty-seven, not thirteen! You have a belt test in karate tonight and I'm not going to be much help. A curse on you for not knowing your limits! Didn't you wonder why all the other moms were sitting in chairs reading magazines? Duh!

I actually did wonder why all the other mommies sat on the sidelines watching all the fun. But they're just a bunch of party-poopers.

They know their limits, my knee argued.

Bah! They're weak! It was a fluke that you twisted. You'll be fine. Suck it up.

Someday I'll be gone and you'll have to replace me. Then we'll see who's sorry.

Don't tell my left knee, but I think she's got a point.


  1. I would have been one of those moms on the sidelines. As a very wise and knowing 39 year old, I've had far more conversations with my knees than you have.

  2. Ahem. Right after bragging that in decades of skiing I'd never had an injury? I totaly jacked up my right knee. You might want to listen to old lefty over there.

  3. I'm impressed you climbed on in there.

  4. I hope the adreline rush of testing keeps the knee from hurting too much.

    My knees started arguing with me when I was 16. I would have been parked on a chir with the other Moms.

  5. Your left knee and my left foot! I have an extra knee brace if you're interested. ;-)

  6. That kind of things just scares the heck out of me. It seems like we have to train like athletes just to play a little tag. Not fair!

    Did you have to delay the belt test?

  7. Damn those knees and their wisdom! ;p

  8. I would have been on the sidelines envying you and the fun you were having!


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