Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Burning Questions

Why do the presidential candidates wait until 2 months before the general election to announce their running mates? Am I the only person who thinks that a running mate is kind of a big deal?

What exactly is the "Hip Hop Lifestyle?" I'm not certain that graffiti and break dancing constitute a "lifestyle. Just saying.

How the f*** do the judges exactly determine scores in gymnastics? Seriously, one person looks flawless and gets no medal, another stumbles when they land and medals. I'm so confused.

And how do they honestly expect a 95 pound girl to "stick" a landing on mats that are a foot thick?

How come "equestrian" qualifies as an Olympic event? And what makes beach volleyball a different sport than plain old volleyball? I also wonder about the luge racing.

How do college kids have the nerve to gripe about the cost of tuition and books when they own thousands of dollars of technology and brand name clothes and video games and CDs? And cars? Entitled much?

Where can a girl buy Borax?

Why doesn't anyone care what John McCain's middle name is?

Am I the only person who didn't know Rachel Ray has a talk show? Apparently she's like Oprah with an oven.

When did babysitters forget the standard: leave the house cleaner than when you arrived? Perhaps they don't want to be hired back.

What kind of whack-job kid doesn't like to eat pizza? Yeah, I'm talking to you, Mr. T.

General motors really didn't see the small hybrid vehicle trend coming? SUV plant closures are a surprise how?

Where does Violet the semi-stray cat go when she disappears for 3 days in a row?


  1. Hip-Hop lifestyle also apparently means wearing low-rider pants that require grabbing them at the crotch at all times. And GRILLZZ..for those who feel they missed out on the life experience of braces. And replacing the "th" sound in words with the "f" sound.

    Violet sounds like the neighborhood cat that my sister-in-law sometimes hosts. He knows who will feed him and let him in to get out of the rain and who will take him to the vet if he is sick.

  2. I buy Borax at the grocery store. It's usually above or below the fancy powders.

    Yeah, I'm over the whole VP tease-just tell me already.

  3. Here in Virginia, we're actually hoping and praying that Obama does NOT choose our governor as his running mate, because the Lt. gov is a Republican. This has the potential to shred the Democratic party and would have ramifications for years to come.

    (Plus, I don't think Kaine is the best man for the job.)

  4. The Olympics gymnastics scoring thing? Um, cuz they are being held in China and China does whatever it wants to. It takes what does not belong to them and cheats and lies and steals. I'm just saying. China= not very trustworthy.

    What IS John McCain's middle name?

  5. I totally wanted to address:

    "General motors really didn't see the small hybrid vehicle trend coming? SUV plant closures are a surprise how?"

    Though I can't tell you how they didn't see it coming, what makes them think they're so special that we'll "magically" keep buying their inferior product when other markets and other nations have seen this coming and are going out of their way to make vehicles that don't cost us two dollars just to start up?

    I'd buy American cars if I could find one that was as cheap and efficient as the toyota Yaris I ended up (forced) to buy to make an affordable commute.

  6. Children's eating issues boggle the mind. While my kids all eat pizza, one of them claims she does not eat cheese and two do not like tomatoes. I'm curious as to what the wee beasties think goes into pizza?!

  7. Why do I insist on getting upset about things I have absolutely no control this woman I'm listening to on the phone?

  8. Beach volley ball is to plain old volley ball as running on sand is to running on pavement. I'm just sayin'.

  9. Did the remote to your brain get stuck in the "surf til you drop" position?
    Cuz that happens to me a lot. ;p

  10. I find Borax in the laundry aisle. :) Don't get me started on gymnastics.
    I heard the most ridiculous ad for an SUV the other day: "They're so deeply discounted, the money you save on buying it will compensate for the extra you spend on gas!" What a crock. Actually, the opposite is true.

  11. Oh, I agree, pizza is highly overrated. We could trade kids?

  12. Found your blog through Rebecca Ramsey -- and love it!

    You wonder why the presidential candidates wait until two months before the election to select VP running mates; I wonder why candidates for president start running SO early!!! The entire process is way too long.

    I'll be back often to check your blog.

  13. A girl like you can get Borax in the laundry aisle. At least here in Canada. Try an old-fashioned drugstore or hardware.

  14. Oh so many things that I've wondered myself.

    One night one of the gymnastics commentators said "I wonder why everyone is having trouble sticking their landings?" Uh... physics?!

    Beach volleyball has me baffled as well. All I can figure is that a sport where the women wear bikinis and jump around in the sand must have been OK'd by a committee mostly of men.

  15. Great questions - I don't have many answers, but I laughed my ass off at the questions:)


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