Monday, August 18, 2008


Yesterday I had plans to meet a group of friends and head to APT down in Spring Green--but first I wanted to get my copy of Jess Riley's book Driving Sideways since she was handily at a bookstore en route signing her sweet heart out.

Children fed? check.
Kitchen cleaned up? check.
Toys put away? check.
House in order? check.
Dressed, made up, hair done & jewelry on? Check.
Babysitter here? check.

I walked around the pool, giving last-minute instructions and watching Team Testosterone swim. Without warning my left foot rushed past the spot where it was used to meeting concrete deck--you know, to take my full weight while my right foot took it's turn hitting the concrete--propelling me towards the gate and the Momvan and an afternoon and evening of freedom? But my left foot moved PAST where concrete ought to have been. My entire body weight tilted and tipped and next thing I knew I was submerged at the bottom of the pool.

Which would explain why when I introduced myself to Jess Riley, my hair was still dripping wet. I had on dry clothes, including a new bra and new jewelry--but was running a frantic 20 minutes late to meet my friends. My hair finally dried out by Madison. My right foot finally scabbed over sometime during the third act of Ah, Wildnerness!

Still, I got my autographed book and a chance to chat with Jess Riley for a few minutes before fleeing to meet my posse. Then my posse and I went here:

The most perfect outdoor theater in the whole wide world. And my favorite place to go in the summer--I've gone there for almost 20 seasons!

And watched this:

Ah, Wilderness! by Eugene O'Neill

After eating all of this:

Most Bountiful Picnic Basket

This feast includes main dishes of Italian-marinated salmon filets and chicken salad with grapes and walnuts. Features fruit, seasonal greens and Mediterranean pasta salad deliciously complemented by a wheel of Brie, freshly baked baguettes and pesto aioli*. Finishes with a flourish of brownies. Plates, utensils and tablecloth packed in an APT tote. Serves 6-8. $87.50

And drinking a couple bottles of this:

And catching up on this, that and the other.

Klutziness aside, it was a damn good day.

*Manna from the heavens, I tell you.


  1. Ooooh! What fun--- I am so glad that your day was awesome despite the slightly soggy start!

  2. Hehe ~ oops! :) That sounds like something I would do! glad you had a good day despite it...

  3. Glad that you didn't get hurt!! I thought you were going to say that you now had your foot in a cast!!

  4. so there's something going on with left feet eh?

    Sounds like a wonderful time though!

  5. Your boys will never forgot 'the day Mom fell in the pool' -- score one for Stories to Tell About Mom!

    Glad you enjoyed the rest of the day; that picnic looked awesome~and an outdoor play, too, after a book signing. You do know how to have a good day~

  6. I cannot believe you fell in the pool - too hilarious. Would have loved to seen the look on your face when you surfaced!

    Glad the night wasn't a wash and you had a great time:)

  7. I can't believe you fell in the pool!!! Oh, but it was so lovely to meet you...thank you for coming to BN despite the pre-party in your pool!!

    The outdoor theater looks fabulous.

  8. I'm impressed with your spirited and hasty recovery. And your picnic food.

  9. that totally seems like something that would've happened to me.

  10. Of course you fell in the pool! Sounds like a fabulous day, nonetheless.

  11. I would pay big money to see that video of you going into the pool.

  12. I can't wait to read my Jess Riley book!
    Woot woot woot!

  13. What a wonderful way to start your evening! A swim does the body good, and an unintentional swim... it's got to do it better, right?

    I'm glad you're okay, and it sounds like you had an amazing time!


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