Wednesday, August 6, 2008


I am not leaving y'all hang on purpose--but the universe has conspired against me today to get a post up. I'll post it tonight and I swear this whole dang story wraps up then!

While I was at book club last night Mr. D called from an hour north where he was at a baseball meeting. Yup, keys locked in his car. I was up too late.

Lefty called it a day way earlier than I expected, so I'm going to meet my local writing partner with Mr. B in tow and I have to bail early to retrieve Mr. T from karate boot camp.

Mr. D and I leave town tomorrow and there are about 157 things I need to do before we hit the road.

Meanwhile, go to Poppy's blog today.


  1. Right there with ya. Why does no one work their schedules around my NEED TO POST?!

  2. Tough evening; have a ball BUT please give us 'the rest of the story!"

  3. Sounds like you were able to keep yourself busy. Glad you made it through. Are you sure you're not pulling the tease trick to pull us in deeper? Loving the story, thank you.


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