Thursday, August 21, 2008

A cup of coffee, a cat and thou

Mmm! Mouse heads ... nearly as good as roly poly fish heads.

After the first good night's sleep I've had in days, I opened up the cupboard to find that I've again bought DECAF instead of regular coffee. This dang company puts the "decaf" label in such tiny letters--I need a more obvious cue, like a different colored or different shaped package. Meanwhile, I am coming to terms with the fact that I have a problem.

All I want is a proper cup of coffee, a proper cup of coffee from a copper coffee pot.

Above is a picture of Violet the Semi-Stray Cat who returned and immediately began yowling on the porch. Isn't that sweet? She brought me a present. Then she bit it's head off.

Yesterday Mr. T told me he was ready to go back to school. After reeling from the shock of hearing him say that, I asked him why. "Because by the time you start yelling about how you have to clean the house again every morning, I'll be at school and Mr. B and Mr. G will have to listen to you."

A big box of fresh-picked peaches sits on my table--they were picked 2 days ago in Hotfessional's home state. Can anyone say peach jam? Yum! We had our first BLTs of summer last night for supper with peach crisp for dessert. I could eat like that every night.

I couldn't believe all those runners getting disqualified last night for stepping across their lane lines. How bitterly disappointing for them.

Now I'm going to find some caffeinated coffee--even if I have to drive all the way into town. Sweet holy java, let me press you to my lips and greet you with a loving kiss.

Between the cat photo and the terrible poetics, I won't blame any of you for never visiting this blog again.


  1. "Because by the time you start yelling about how you have to clean the house again every morning, I'll be at school and Mr. B and Mr. G will have to listen to you."

    I laughed at this because it sounds soooo familiar!

  2. I never understood the point of drinking decaf coffee. It is just brown water people! Bring on the caffiene! ;)

  3. I so feel for you as I nurse my second cup of joe... I do hope you eventually got your fix!

  4. as far as you need to for coffee. I'd invite you to my house but I'm stuck in this blasted office for the day. :O(


  5. Hmmm, sounds like summer is over and it's time for school to start.

  6. Yum yum yum. Michigan peaches!

    And for some reason, I now have the words "Hot Java" going through my head. Even though I know that the line in the B-52s song is "Hot Lava"

  7. Hee hee! The giggles, that's why we keep coming back. And it's so good knowing that there is someone out there who is also yelling at her kids about having to clean the house...

  8. Why did they even make decaf coffee??? I will never understand that.
    A BLT sounds so yummy.
    So where in the WI are you? I'm in Oshkosh.

  9. It must be something in the air... My indoor cat who thinks she's an outdoor cat and occasionally escapes our clutches, has brought two mice this week ~ well, two tail ends anyway. Ick. I'd think the front end would be way too crunchy? But apparently she digs it.

  10. lol, I told my wife I'm ready to go back to work, for similar reasons, I'd rather not be here to hear her yell about cleaning and doing dishes. (just kidding) the story is familiar though, and I find my children have no filter between honesty and what is "nice to hear"

    I hope you got your real coffee, I know some people cannot wake up without it.

  11. My husband felt compelled to click on the picture of the cat and I said, "Why on earth would you want to see that bigger?"

    At least the cat left you a dead mouse because a live mouse and decaf coffee would just be too terrible to take!

  12. Our cat used to always bring home all kinds of vermin and insist on showing it to us before she ate it. Disgusting. We used to pat her on the head, say 'good girl, chloe' and off she'd go to finish it off. Again, disgusting.

  13. BLT's,decaf java AND mouse heads...HMMMM.
    No wonder I keep coming back. ;p

  14. "Eat them up, yum!" Do you play LU Trivia?


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