Friday, August 8, 2008


About a year into married life Mr. D confided that he was once terrified of me.

Me: What? Why?

D: Well, you yelled at me that one time at the bar.

Me: What are you talking about?

D: That night I was drunk and I spit and accidentally hit the pool table. You reamed me out so bad that I didn't come in the bar for almost 6 months. I felt terrible--I didn't mean to hit the table and then you just came out of nowhere screaming at me and I was so ashamed that I walked back to B's house alone. For months B would want to go into the bar when I was in town and I'd tell him, 'Not if Green Girl is working! She hates me!'

Me: That was you?

D: Don't you remember?

Me: I remember some guy spitting and I remember yelling at him, but I don't remember that it was you.

D: It was--you terrified me.

Me: Huh. I had no idea.

(You knew that random side story was in last Friday's post for a reason, didn't you? Baseball players spit--who knew?)


  1. I knew you'd get my Bull Durham reference! Here's to baseball players and summertime.

  2. How funny. Well, I'm glad y'all were able to move past Spittergate.

  3. Baseball players... Football players....

    Oh, generally, I've found - men spit.

    Good thing they have other redeeming qualities. ;-)

  4. I'm not a spitter, maybe if I have sand in my mouth, or I'm at the ocean, but I think it's funny that you don't remember who you yelled at. And I'm behind you 100%, what a disgusting thing.

  5. He spit? You yelled?

    And the problem is . . . ?

  6. That was him???? I loved that part of the story! I loved that hard ass side of you. Loved it! Too funny that that was him you were yelling at. Hehe
    Although I will admit that when I was reading the story and you said that the guy quickly apologized and walked away I thought, "Ahh. He didn't really do it on purpose. He is probably a decent guy. He did apologize right away instead of getting attitude!"
    I was right! ;)

  7. But still - spit IN a bar?!? Still gross and you still should have yelled at him! :O)

  8. You were yelling at the spit, not at him, right? :) You fearsome woman, you...

  9. That is hilarious! I used to bartend too, for a short time--I wasn't very good at it but it sounds like you were! I think fear is a good feeling for men to have early on in a relationship! And maybe later on, too!

    I commented back re Eco-Coach blog--you're welcome to it in any form you'd like. Am planning another on Deep Ecology that you might like too. Don't know the protocol for emailing but you're welcome to mine--just not sure how you do it.


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