Monday, August 11, 2008

This & That

Back from our "vacation" to Mr. D's homestate of Iowa. It's pretty incredible how a house looks after a 3 day absence when left in the hands of Team Testosterone and random teenage babysitters.

How wonderful are the Olympics this year? The swimming relay last night--a glorious victory--and that German woman vaulting. I adore the Olympics. The intimate personal stories, the competition, the record breaking, the expressions on the athletes' faces when they win and even sometimes when they lose. It exceeds awesomeness.

I've missed Peyton Manning. When I saw the new NFL ad with him and brother Eli, it was like going to school the first day and seeing the class clown sitting in the back row. Yessss! That's exactly how I felt when I saw Eli and Peyton playing Hungry, Hungry Hippo Saturday in an ad for the NFL.

Speaking of the NFL, some jackass is going to Packer practice and heckling Aaron Rodgers. I don't understand the sense of heckling the quarterback who has shown the most grace, dignity and maturity in the past month--to say nothing of the most LOYALTY to the team. Because he's a good sport in the face of such bad sports, I'm heading to the Packer Pro Shop and buying Team Testosterone Rodgers jerseys. Damn straight. (For the record, I've never bought the boys team jerseys before.) Go 12!

A friend, Auntie M, recommended Louise Penny to me. I love her books and am 2/3 through A Fatal Grace. I shall have to send Auntie M more caramels because I'm so grateful to her. If you love cozies, Canada, superior character development and singing description, you will love this writer's work.

Bernie Mac died. Mr. D and I used to love his show. I was especially fond of when he'd address the audience from his easy chair, cigar in hand. "America," he'd begin, and follow up with a tirade about raising kids. We'll miss him.

Fresh picked green beans steaming with butter--my favorite side dish this summer.

Besides gazpacho. August is a lovely month.


  1. I can't imagine what the house looked like--sometimes I wonder if it's worth leaving!

  2. I'm with you on the hecklers. Rodgers is handling this with class; he said the only ones who bother him are the kids who swear. Really, where do they learn that kind of language and attitude? No, don't answer that.

  3. We watched the swimming races last night, too ~ so exciting! I used to be a swimmer in high school so they bring back lots of memories for me. Although I could perhaps have completed one lap in the time they do 8.

  4. GO #12!!!

    I was sad to hear Bernie died as well - a few years back we were extras in Mr. 3000 when it was filmed at Miller Park. You'll be missed, Bern! :O(

  5. Watching the Olympics just makes me feel good. I think it's the passion thing again--watching people at their very best, doing what they love.

  6. You can never trust sitters to be a Mom, just hope the kids ate, slept and didn't get hurt, in no particular order or at your timing...

    Favre who? Got get those jerseys!

    Yes, the Olympics have been great; I agree, our best chance to reach across borders. I almost cried when they showed two woman hugging and shaking hands: one from Russia and one from Georgia. Was anyone in their governments watching???

  7. And the Beach Volleyball! And Dana Torres kicking ass! And beating the smartmouthed French!

  8. If you want to read a great interview with Bernie Mac, check out the link I posted on MidCenturyModernMoms yesterday.

  9. The relay last night was AMAZING! The best race I think I've ever seen. I was jumping up and down silently (everyone was sleeping but me) screaming at the tv. So exciting!!!!! Haha cocky Frenchmen!

    Ditto on the Rodgers thing. Some people are just mean and dumb. All there is to it. I wrote about it in my post today too.
    Every time I hear the NFL da-da-da-dadaDA!!! commercial my pulse quickens. Oh how I've missed football!!!!
    Love the Manning commercials. hehe

    Goodbye Bernie Mac. Thanks for the laughs.

  10. Yes, RIP Bernie Mac. I agree with you completely about Aaron Rogers.

  11. My family has been watching the Olympics and have the pleasure of 5 channels carrying different sporting events. The badmition matches are CRAZY! I don't think my kids, or I for that matter, had really watched weightlifting or water polo. In fact, my 9 year old remarked " are they playing marco polo?" It is great that these "odd" sports are getting some air time too, even if it isn't on a "network" and a "Cable" channel.

    Go #12!

  12. Scary house vision...
    ....missing you all

  13. What a wonderful side for dinner, I haven't had fresh green beans in years. I feel the same about Bernie Mac, that came as a big surprise to me. I guess he and his wife were married happily for 30 years, and she was his High School sweetheart.

  14. Hey there again! I've got a little award for you over on my blog - come check it out (AND a giveaway!)


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