Thursday, August 7, 2008

Tribute Time

Jenn at Juggling Life recently posted the most wonderful list about why she loved her husband--her teen sweetie husband--and #7 really got to me, but the whole list was great because each reason was so specific to him and and her and them.

I doubt I can do as great a job listing things I love about Mr. D, but here it goes (drumroll).

10. His spontaneous attitude. He's game for just about anything at the last minute, which is totally opposite of me (type A planner organizer) and NEVER has plans for the weekend. But he never gets too pissy with me when I ask him every single week, "What are you plans for the weekend?" By flying by the seat of his pants, Mr. D has given me some incredible experiences that I'd have missed.
9. Mr. D's got charisma. Everybody loves him, old people, babies, puppies, crabby receptionists who scowl at everyone else in the building will light up when Mr. D walks in the door. A born salesperson, he has a gift of reading people and a huge smile.
8. Friendly. He talks up waitresses and umpires alike. When we cross into the state of Iowa, he immediately begins giving the first and second finger lift off the steering wheel wave to Every. Single. Car. We. Pass.
7. He's an inspired dancer--makes me think about that teacher in Tuesdays with Morrie where the guy dances with total abandon. That's Mr. D in a nutshell.
6. Excellent sense of humor--I require daily doses of laughter and Mr. D laughs at all my jokes.
5. Even though we're opposites in some ways politically, we can discuss it and come around to the other person's point of view--on a number of issues. I can live with that. He's a Republican who hates talk radio.
4. Mr. D prefers weak coffee and I prefer strong, so he waters down his cup every day.
3. Generous to a fault with family and friends. I don't always understand or appreciate it, but it makes me proud that he takes care of others and spreads our wealth around.
2. Fearless. He's taken amazing chances with his career and other areas of his life with optimism and a classically midwestern work ethic--and he's almost never failed.
1. Loyal. Some guys are always on the prowl, regardless of their marital status. Mr. D's not that way at ALL. EVER. I could trust him anywhere, anytime, with anybody. That's a feeling money can't buy.


  1. You have a mixed marriage (Dem. vs. them), but you make it work. That's impressive.

    He sounds like a great guy and I'd like to meet him some time. After I meet you first. :-)

  2. The part about laughing every day....I also have that one in my Top 10.

  3. What a great list! I do believe he's a keeper.

    The fact that he lifts his first and second finger off the wheel while driving in Iowa makes my heart glad.

  4. Fantastic list. And isn't #6 just about the most important ingredient in a happy marriage?

  5. Thanks..I knew he had to be special!

  6. How wonderful! He sounds like quite the guy! I should write up a list like this on my hubby, but I've written a couple, "My hubby's so great" posts already and I'd hate for people to sit there going, "Yeah? So what? Get on with it already!" I may just "borrow" the idea, though!

  7. I'm smiling at #4. My husband is not a coffee drinker at all, but he makes a point of driving through Jo to Go when he has to drop me off at work. He does raise his eyebrows, though, when the barista asks if I want "the usual!"

  8. It's good to have married really, really well... It's even better to appreciate it.

  9. Sounds like you are a lucky woman. And he is obviously lucky to have such an appreciative woman. :)

  10. Ten reasons you're lucky to have him, I'd say...

  11. ahhhh so sweet. Sounds like you have a wonderful man....which is good...because he has a wonderful woman.

  12. He reads this, right?
    I hope so.

    There's so much man bashing out there, that this is a true joy to read!

  13. Great list and great guy. Especially #1. He's a keeper.

    And that big bow was cute with the long veil...

  14. What a lovely tribute! I too am in a "mixed marriage" and believe me, I'm trying to keep my sense of humor right about now. LOL

  15. What a wonderful idea for a post, it's so romantic to see in writing how a person feels. I should try something like this someday.


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