Monday, September 15, 2008

Confessions of an Addict

The Texas Poppet over at Canned Laughter tagged me with an Addictions meme.
List 5 current addictions and then tag 2 people. Ms. Poppet has morphed this into the 5 senses and I like her game so I'm playing along.

Five Current Addictions:
1. Smell--this nifty little Chai Tea scented candle made by the eco candle co. in Neenah, WI is positively lovely--spicy and warm without cloying. My favorite gift for other people right now.

2. Touch--Mr. B's hair. He got a buzz cut for school and his hair feels like feathers anyway. But now? I'm rubbing my hand over the boy's head all the dang time. It's the softest, most precious feeling.

3. Taste--one meal: grilled pork medallions with wild mushroom risotto, roasted asparagus and a glass of pinot noir followed by French pressed coffee and creme brulee. I know, that's a lot of taste, but trust me, totally warm, savory and melty. Baby food for grown ups. Mr. D? If you're making dinner reservations any time soon...just letting you know...

4. Sight--the green that is mutating into gold in every field and on each tree this month. This late summer green has a brightness to it that shimmers, but it's fleeting and will disappear for another year very soon.

5. Sound--silence when Mr. T & Mr. B go to school and Mr. G goes to day care. I love the sound of nothing but the kitchen wall clock ticking in a steady rhythm.

Tagged: Daisy at Compost Happens and Auntie M.


  1. I love how buzz cuts feel!

  2. I used to rub my son's hair when he got the summer buzz and I called it "puppy pup" hair! That dinner sounds alot better than the hamburgers I am preparing for tonight!

  3. I'm coming for dinner. That sounds like just about my favorite meal of all time.

  4. Oh my -

    What time is dinner served?
    That's Mr. Hot's haircut.
    Yum...candles. Yum...chai tea. Even better? together!
    The sound of silence is wonderful but you can keep that turning gold. I want it to stay green longer!

  5. Oh, noastalgia for the days when the Boy had a lovely bristly soft buzz cut instead of his current teen-age mop top...

  6. Been gone over a week and had guests for almost another, so today I just caught up with all your truly interesting and oftentimes inspired blogs! Too much stuff to respond to, so let me just say, I enjoyed all the reading. Don't know how you manage to get all this stuff written while working on your novels!

  7. I love the both the feel and the smell of a little boy's head - especially in the summer when it's full of chlorine and sunscreen!

  8. You've painted a lovely picture of what my life used to be like.

  9. The Matron just loves this post! The meal! Seasons, changing! Little boy's hair and silence! Wow. Soul sister.

  10. Neat meme, I haven't seen this one before. I like your blog. We just moved up from Stoughton, so I'm a Wisconsin girl too. Blessings, Whitney


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