Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Cosmos is in trouble!

Tomatoes stewed, peeled & preserved--check
Bin of kids' shoes sorted & cleaned--check
Small pile of paperwork filed/tossed--check
4th grade kid dropped off with appropriate money, papers--check
Kindergarten kid deposited with jacket & backpack--check
Little guy snuggled in with Godzilla V. Mothra (he's sick today, poor thing), dosed with Motrin and given cup of ice water--check

PTA crap sorted out for tonight's 1st meeting of school year--notsomuch.

In this corner, a tired, lazy SAHM wants to kick back on a rainy day with her coffee, watch Godzilla struggle to save humanity and skim through the blogosphere. In the other? A shape-shifting giant of PTA paperwork, unfinished website and tall stack of junk mail & solicitations Green Girl discovered in the school office looms--threatening to take down Green Girl, the PTA and all future school fundraisers. Will Green Girl tackle the pile and organize the PTA? Will guilt win over self-indulgence? Will Mothra help protect the planet from certain destruction? Will the PTA find enough money this year for a new playground or will they be siderailed by school assemblies and classroom supplies? Will Green Girl's coffee fall from its precarious perch and spill all over the paperwork? Will enough chaperones sign up for this year's sock hop?

Oh the humanity!!!


  1. Crap. You just reminded me that all of my boys' paperwork is due back to school tomorrow. Ugh.

  2. Some days, you just need to kick back with a good book and a cup of coffee.

  3. PTA ugh - it's a thankless task! - been there got the t'shirt....think you should say you can't do it, as it will interfere with your very important international blogging! hehehe

    Girls went back today......phew.....8 weeks of arguing over for another year - yippee!

  4. Big word for the day: DELEGATE
    Delegate fast, and delegate hard.

    Hope the little guy feels better fast.

  5. If you can get it done you just might be qualified to run for Vice-President!

  6. I can send you some tomatoes if you run out. ;-)

  7. Just do what Godzilla does when life gets in his way..No wait he stomps on and sets fire to stuff.

    Never mind,just have another cup of coffee..The day will sort itself out.

  8. I hate to admit this but I'm a little afraid of the PTA folks at our school.

    Hope you persevered.


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