Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Funny Story

Happyland PTA is going to next month's school board meeting to advocate for new & improved playground equipment. We're on the agenda and ready to pack out the room with supportive parents. Meanwhile the principal is peeved with us because we a) didn't get her permission to go to the school board meeting and b) doesn't think it's necessary to go to a board meeting because there are committees to deal with these issues.

Yes, I can totally see why a principal would be upset that parents want to advocate for her building. NOT!

And last I checked? It's anybody's right to come to a school board meeting and present. Here's how it works: the principal and superintendent serve at the pleasure of the board. The board serves at the pleasure of the town's citizens (moi). I? Serve at the pleasure of NO BODY.

On the exact same days this was playing out, some naturalist from an area nature preserve took 600 kids (every single student grade 1-5) through our prairie, fields and woods on a nature hike--2 days in a row. Without my or Mr. D's permission. Without even mentioning it to us. I'm not blaming the naturalist. She clearly thought our property was more "Nature Center" than the actual school nature center. I'm not blaming the classroom teachers because I assume they assumed everyone had permission to collect grasshoppers and butterflies in their nets. And the principal? Had no idea this was going on. Let's talk about what a person needs permission for, shall we? Then we'll discuss job performance.

And when Mr. T mentioned to his teacher that we were "in his yard?" He was called a liar. I guess a fair amount of staff don't know the school's property boundaries either.

But let's talk about fun stuff. Out-of-stock shower curtain aside, the boys' bathroom turned out wicked cool without needing new paint. Photos tomorrow, I promise.

I dusted off Jan the Bowling Ball and took her to league Friday night. My series score was 446. This tremendous score is because I picked up nearly every spare and only had one split all night. Bowling goddess--something finally clicked because my game was ON!

I'll spend tomorrow on an all-day field trip with Mr. B's kindergarten class--a fall farm pumpkin hayride sort of field trip. 'Tis officially fall now so I can look at pumpkins and smell cinnamon.

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  1. Seriously, you and I need to talk about your school's playground. Not only am I professional fundraiser, my school has done what your school is about to embark on.

    I can't believe that you had all those kids tramping all over your land and no one knew that it was yours. Oh, and please tell me you raised Cain over your boy being called a liar.

  2. I would be having a big sit-down with whoever called your son a liar AND the principal. That is so not okay.

  3. I hope you secured permission to go on that hayride.

  4. Sounds like your principal has serious turf issues. But only with her OWN turf! ;)

  5. Holy crap! I love how people (the principal) want to point fingers when they should be pointing at themselves. Yipes!

    Can't wait for the picks of the new bathroom!

  6. Good luck with the playground issue - took years to get some improvements for our schools...with a parcel tax, of course...

  7. The very first thing I'm hoping you did was to call the Principal and explain that your child was NOT a liar. Sheesh! And how about explaining where the property lines are?

    Enjoy the hayride and remember to wear long pants to avoid getting stuck. And post those bathroom snaps!!

  8. Doc just pointed out that you had a tremendous liability if one of those kids fell or got hurt on your land...he thinks you need to make the principal come to your office for a meeting pronto!

  9. I love that your bowling ball is named Jan.

  10. Did the teacher apologize to your child? That needs to happen. Now.

  11. How frustrating...school higher ups can be so inflexible--unless they are going after their own interests!

    I'm looking forward to the b-room pics!

  12. I have a natural prairie near me that could use 1,200 little feet trampling it.
    You need some scary signs with skulls and crossbones "Beware", Turnback", "Enter at your own risk", very Scooby-Doo.

  13. Did ANYONE give you an apology? What a perfect opportunity for the teacher to teach a lesson on trespassing and saying sorry.

  14. How did you respond to the whole trespassing without permission and then your child being called a liar? I'd love to hear that story?


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