Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Passing on the love

So many good things have happened:

* I was high bidder on a lot of 5 vintage baseball pennant on ebay--so the boys' bathroom is nearly complete.

* I got this lovely award from Colleen at Mommy Always Wins--terribly sweet of her!

* The weather has shined up and I spent most of yesterday outside puttering in the yard and gardens--picked carrots and beets which roasted up beautifully for dinner last night.

* I agreed to head up a PTA event for the first Saturday in October against my better judgment. It's all falling into place with the conscientious assistance of some other PTA moms.

* Using 3rd person omnicient POV in my new book is fun.

* I remembered in a timely manner to schedule a family photo with the best photographer I know. Our last photo shot took place 4 years ago--it's definitely time to get a new shot of Mr. G without diapers, Mr. B without baby fat cheeks and Mr. T without baby teeth.

I'm feeling so good I want to pass the warm feelings along--so Nicole, keep reading. The rest of you? Meet Nicole. I first saw Nicole when I interviewed for a teaching job--she passed me in the office and I immediately thought, If I get hired here, I want to be her best friend. The teacher sitting next to me while I waited for my interview said, "That's Nicole. She's be part of the interview team and she's one of the coolest teachers here."

I got the job and Nicole was my mentor. For me it was love at first sight. She's funny, generous, complementary, honest and has a tremendous knowledge of pop culture. She was my rock while we taught together--intelligent about curriculum and school politics--every department meeting ended in one of our rooms with the two of us hashing out the craziness of working with Pompous Asses, Idiots and Clueless Twits.

We had our babies and built our houses in tandem. We've dealt with bad husband behavior, infertility, career & family crisis, and concerns about our children. I have a lot of friends near and dear, but Nicole is one of the people that knows me best and I value her advice more than almost anyone else's. If there's a book I read and loved, I pass it on to her, if there's a funny story about a former colleague, she calls and fills me in. Sure we have our differences--I spend most of my free time outside, she'd rather eat glass than go on a nature hike. She loves Oprah, I love karate. But at the end of the day? We love each other.

Anyway, this weekend Nicole's going to Las Vegas to celebrate her birthday with her husband (great guy, BTW). She's going to see the Osmonds and stay at the Four Seasons where she intends to fully take advantage of being sprayed with Evian while lounging poolside. Nicole? This is for you.

Hello, Birthday Girl. My name is Donny. Allow me to spray this bottle of Evian all over your body while singing your favorite songs to you.


  1. That would be an awesome trip. I saw Donny and Marie in concert when I was like seven I think. Tell her bon voyage from another fan :)

  2. Sounds like a great day. Well, except for the Donny love. I'm not so into him.

  3. There are places where one may be misted with Evian? Who knew?!

  4. I bet you Donny and the gang still put on a good show.

  5. Donny, huh? Different strokes . . .

    I'm sure it will be a blast.

  6. Your friend Nicole reminds me of my friend Nalini.. who is faaar away, but we are still so close. Definitely a past life friend.

  7. Everyone should have a friend like Nicole. Glad that you do.

  8. Nicole sounds...well, like YOU!(If she only did karate and went outside). A friend everyone is in awe of, and thankful to have in their corner~

    Happy Birthday, Nicole! Have fun in Vegas.

  9. Carrots and beets? Yum. They don't grow well in my backyard; too much clay.

  10. Congrats on yet another well-deserved award! Even though I hardly ever comment any more (pure laziness on my part), I read your blog all the time and it always makes me smile.

    About Donny Osmond - I was dragged to a show featuring Donny & Marie back when I was a 22 year old hip chick and to my amazement and horror, I discovered that, despite his cornball material and manner, Donny was genuinely awesomely talented. Marie, not so much.


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