Monday, September 29, 2008

Tell them Mrs. Weasley knit it

While the thermometer dropped 30 degrees and the clouds rolled in, I hunkered down with Foyle's War, Doc Martin and my knitting needles. A hobby well suited for cool weather, and this time I have a project with a deadline.

Mr. T wants to be Harry Potter this Halloween. Not his first choice of costume, but because of our school's ban on masks and weapons, his first ten choices were a bust. (And can I mention how TOTALLY LAME those rules are? In a rural district, a kid can't even dress like a deer hunter with a fake cardboard gun in hand because, "Oh no! Someone might get the wrong idea! And no light sabers or swords either!" But little girls can dress like tramps, sluts, Bratz and stereotypical Disney princesses without anyone worrying about the message sent by bright blue eyeshadow and miniskirts and cleavage.) I digress...

We can embellish our Hogwarts robe, wand (a weapon? Probably, but I'm sending it along because I'm itching for a fight these days) and glasses with a handknit scarf in Gryffindor colors! We can buy one for $20.00 on the internet (not a land of bargains in this case) or knit one up myself for $3.00 and provide myself with hours of entertainment. We all win because Mr. T will have a totally awesome costume and I have a creative outlet.

The scarf after 2 Ace of Cakes, 1 Doc Martin, 1 Foyle's War and Ice Age.

So I knit away, giddy with my progress up and around Mr. T's neck and with all my favorite shows returning with new episodes (Pushing Daisies! The Office!). It almost makes up for the loss of my favorite popcorn, salad dressing and spaghetti sauce guy (oh, he made some damn fine films, too). Maybe Mr. G would like a knitted Spidey suit for Halloween...I can get more red yarn and dig out some black...

This is some guy named Mark Newport who knits superhero suits.


  1. I knit my girls two Gryffindor scarves this summer, so I can assure you that this is a pretty quick knitting project.

  2. If the thermometer dropped 30 degrees here, even I might be able to take up knitting. Love your costume project - will you have to knit one for the rest of the family now?

  3. When I was in elementary school in the 70's being a Gypsy or a Hobo for Halloween was pretty common. Those are on our banned costume list at school.
    My son actually got in trouble for miming a lightsaber battle with another boy. Neither boy had lightsabers with their costumes, they just held their hands like they were holding them. Go figure.

  4. Brrrr!
    I think Mr T will look really cool in his costume. The scarf looks fab!

  5. Mine was once Harry Potter, way back when...but NEVER with a hand-knitted Griffindor scarf.

    V. cool...

  6. The joys of knitting, cold days and TV with a great show on. These are a few of my favorite things....

    You know, my husband actually asked his mother to knit him a Spider Man outfit for Halloween (um, when he was young, of course). He didn't get it and still wishes he had.

  7. If I end up living somewhere cold, I will come visit so you can teach me to knit! But I have to say I wouldn't move to a place where they tell my kids what not to wear for Halloween. What's with that? I just started to read "The Friday Night Knitting Club" so I can pretend that I knit, for now! I used to, but remember nothing...

  8. Sometimes the rules are hard to understand.

  9. Awesome knitting, Mrs. Weasley....I'm jealous of Mr. T's scarf! Maybe I'll tackle one of those after I finish embroidering my tree skirt.....

    Maroon and Gold will be a great break after all this green and red. :)

  10. Wow! I wish I was that talented. I only learned to crochet so that I could make each of my boys a baby blanket. That is about the extent of my skills.

  11. I couldn't agree more about the rules. It is such crap. Of course, us homeschoolers can be as violent as we want to be and dress up like Al Pacino in Scarface, complete with machine gun, "say hello to my little friend!", and no one cares:)

    Some of the little girl costumes are disgusting - hell even the big girl costumes are disgusting!

    Love the scarf - very cute.


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