Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Wonder of Your World Party: Kick off!

I hope you'll visit my friend Rebecca at Wonders Never cease today. She's have a great big bloggy party and everyone's invited. What's a wonder in my world? Kicks!
The National Committee of World Wonders met today to kick off their initiative:

Tonight I'll do this kind of kick in sparring class, in addition to a spin kick, a tornado kick and an offensive side kick:

Mr. D's favorite kind, which he'll watch all weekend:

Mr. B's favorite kind:
Someday I'd like to get my kicks here:
In high school, I thought this band really "kicked butt." I also thought tight-rolled jeans, lots of hair gel and Ferris Bueller were awesome.

All summer Team Testosterone kicked like this. Well, not quite like this.

This guy likes to "kick it up a notch." Who can blame him?

I'm appreciative of kickstands:

"kicking back":
and kick lines for a grand finale:


  1. What a great and wonder-full post…

    I think I will kick-back and read some more..


  2. I especially got a kick out of your label for this post!

  3. Hey, Ferris Bueller still kicks A--.

  4. Green girl, you are hilarious, as usual!
    And you take a sparring class! I'm very impressed. And a little scared of you.

    Everybody already took all the good kicky puns, so I guess I'll just say that I really enjoyed the post and am doing a little kick of my heels (or is that click) to show my appreciation. You made my celebration even more fun!

  5. I'd like to travel Rte. 66, too!

  6. What a kick-ass post! (Sorry, it had to be said)

  7. But INXS and Ferris Bueller really did kick butt, doncha know? He was a righteous dude.

    Fun post! I got a kick out of it.


  8. I enjoy your kicks, I don't get my kicks from route 66, but I do get high with a little help from my friends, and I get by with a little help from my friends. (I don't literally get high, but high on life and that kind of thing)

  9. Enjoyed your wonder-full entry. I took a dance workshop in college and learned several of A Chorus Line's routines. I hope to dance again, vs just around the house.

  10. AH....I do miss Michael Hutchinson...more than words can say:) Great to party with ya. And...GR8 post! And good luck with the PTA stuff, you GO GREEN GIRL.


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