Monday, October 13, 2008

Average Monday

Per Mrs. G's invitation, today's post is an Average Monday in Green Girl's World.

6:00--blaring noise of alarm clock--roll over & shut it off. Stretch, spend 10 minutes enjoying how soft our bed is, thinking about the day ahead before heading to bathroom to drench hair & comb out bedhead, scrub face, brush teeth and there's Mr. G! He want to watch PBS Kids, so we find him a spot in the living room and turn on SuperWhy. Dress, make coffee, grab breakfast, start new load of wash.

Eat up, buttercup! It's almost time for school!

7:00--switch on NPR Morning Edition and greet Mr. B who always wakes up crabby. He stumbles past to sit next to Mr. G and watch TV. Let cat outside. Wake Mr. T and ask if he wants hot or cold lunch today. Prod Team Testosterone through breakfast, getting dressed and brushing teeth while packing lunches, pouring milk and double-checking backpacks--remember pre-arranged absence slip for Mr. T. Yes! Six days until Disney!

8:00--deposit Mr. T at school, Mr. G at day care because it's Monday, bring Mr. B to shop to get oil change in Momvan. Read him stories and discuss candy and racecars until van is done.

9:00--turn on movie for Mr. B, vacuum, mop, hang out wash, empty dishwasher, check answering maching (missed my mother's phone call this morning), order parent's anniversary gift. Check email, blog a bit, tidy up house after crazy weekend. Make lunch, help Mr. B with puzzle, play a game.

12:00--walk Mr. B to school, water plants, bring in Aunt Till's because it's Columbus Day, set up saw horses and boards to dry sunflower heads in garage. Head inside, reheat cup of coffee, pull up Kicks Like a Girl and write new pages because meeting with writing partner on Wednesday. Update Screw Iowa website & check on other websites.

2:45--begin retrieving Team Testosterone. Feed them snacks, check backpacks, sign Mr. T's assignment notebook & help him with homework. Make grocery shopping list while children play. Break up 1-2 fights. Post PTA minutes on website, fix broken battle castle, yell at children for forgetting to flush toilet. Gross. Call Mr. D and see what he wants to do about dinner tonight. Hate making dinner.

5:00--feed Team Testosterone dinner & clean up kitchen. Hustle them into karate uniforms, pack gear, pack Mr. T's reading book, set up VCR to record How I Met Your Mother, grab milk bottles & shopping bags. Buckle everyone in--drive to town.

Great stancing, Mr. T. Grab your gear and get in the van!

6:00--Mr. B's karate class. Go grocery shopping with Mr. T & Mr. G, allowing each to toss one impulse item in the cart--Captain Crunch (ouch!), GoGurt (really?) and donuts (yikes!). Load Momvan & drive across street to karate school. Mr. T's turn. Send Mr. G & Mr. B home with Mr. D.

7:00--change into karate uniform, hand Mr. T his reading book while we trade places on the karate floor. Get very sweaty. Drive home.

8:00--start the bedtime drill--teeth brushed, jammies on, stories read,prayers said, children tucked in. Take shower. Let cat in & get her food & water. Pick up toys, fold & sort sort laundry, discuss day with Mr. D. Watch How I Met Your Mother while finishing Mr. T's Harry Potter scarf. Read 2 chapters from Bible (Leviticus--kind of a snoozer, difficult to find life application lesson). Read chapter of The Harvey Girls by Leslie Poling-Kempes before


  1. What a nice day. It must be something else to be the only girl in the house.

    Nice stance indeed!

  2. Busy day!
    I'm so impressed with your karate workout!

  3. Whew! You're busy, and I'm tired. The breakfast photo is adorable!

  4. I'm exhausted from reading this!

  5. This should be a meme!

    I can't get over how productive you are. Good job, mommy!

  6. I'm glad you had a "turn" at karate! You did a lot for everyone else. It was definitely time for you.

  7. Whew - I'm tired now, thanks! So what do you do on Tuesday?

  8. Living so close to the school sounds wonderful. Good for you for getting in some "me" time--karate and writing. Everybody needs that.

  9. I am just impressed with how much of the "stay at home" you have managed to preserve in the SAHM gig while not skimping on the Mom, community, fitness, or the GG... and on a Monday, too! Yay for you!


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