Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Country Bob

Unlike my pal Jen on the Edge, I've never attended a BlogHer conference so I've gotten NO swag in my career as a blogger. I won a contest over at Vintage Thirty, received a bundle of good recommendations for sites, books, recipes, Etsy shops and parenting. Imagine my surprise when Country Bob contacted me and offered up free sauce in exchange for a review of said sauce in my blog! Since we're carnivores and Big Daddy is fond of his grill, I agreed.

I like my barbeque sassy--with a little tang, a little sweet, a little smoke. Country Bob's sauce is All-Purpose, putting it in the category with Worcestershire Sauce--tart and salty. Our first experiment rendered it not very good as a side sauce for pork loin. We should've known better--Country Bob sent along a brochure filled with recipes--this is sauce meant for mixing & embellishing.

Take 2: Rump roast marinated in Country Bob's sauce, a healthy dash of Lowrey's salt and brown sugar. Big Daddy put it on the grill while I whipped together some corn bread, salad, peas and pears. Rump roast requires a long time over the charcoal, so we kicked back with a couple bottles of beer and tossed the football around the back yard with Team Testosterone. The smell was tantilizing.

We tucked into the roast and the opinion of each man, woman and child at our table was the same: Yum! Very good. Delicious. Flavorful. We'll have to try it again--Big Daddy's already thinking up a new marinade recipe. Thumb's up for Country Bob--and we will buy some barbeque sauce because really? That's what we hanker for. Country Bob makes his sauces in Illinois and also makes a seasoning salt. The on-line gift package (4 products for $19.00) is the perfect gift for your in-house Grill Master, or a nice consumable Christmas present for those relatives who just have enough stuff. Bottom line? Country Bob makes fine sauce.


  1. Dang, I want someone to offer me some BBQ sauce to review. MUCH better than a USB drive or a pen.

  2. From what you describe, I would recommend using some of that in bean soup next time you make some. Yum!

  3. Mmmm. Sounds yummy! Great review! And that price is so reasonable!

  4. LOVE new marinades and sauces. Thanks sweetie!


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