Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A Little Guessing Game

Friday we're going to do this after school:

Actual photo of Green Girl's family, circa 1974. She's the one on the far right.
Poor fashion sense aside, her family does have fantastic hair.

Guess why I'm heading to the store today?

a) To buy skeins of Red Heart yarn so I can knit the family matching sweater vests (I'm thinking a pirate theme--skull and crossbones).

b) To buy Team Testosterone matching toys to accessorize our family picture--each will hold a dinosaur in coordinating colors or a piece of sporting equipment.

c) To buy myself a pair of jeans that don't have the left knee blown out and make me look all raggedy when I wear them.

d) To buy Mr. G a new shirt because all he has are hand-me-downs that have seen better days and even though he's cute, I don't want him looking like he's unloved uncared for--especially in light of all the relatives getting copies of said family photo at Christmastime.

Yesterday's comments were amazing, some of you are dealing with incredibly tough decisions. Just so ya know, my prayer list is super-long now.


  1. Have fun! I hope you'll let us see the picture! :)

  2. Oooo. A family picture! I hope you post the results! :)

  3. I just wanted to thank you for never failing to comment on my blog. Especially, when I write a post that is wearing my heart on my sleeve - it's nice to know that someone is reading it:)

    By the way, I have looked "Marty" up through He's married - has a kid and lives in the same area that he grew up in. I tried to email him once, but I either had the wrong address or he just didn't bother to respond. Funny thing though - writing that post actually felt like closure in some ways. Ah, youth - where have you gone!

  4. Goodness. You have a lot on your plate. Hope those pics turn out great!

  5. That's not really your old family photo! No one looked that clean and put together in 1974. My sister would have had a giant Italian-American afro and we would have been dressed in shades of orange and brown.

  6. Um, I'll have to go with 'e' on that one, Bob. All of the above?

    Tell her what she's won! ;-)

    Good luck on the picture!

  7. Yay! Family photos! They're stress-FULL, but it's always so worth it. I have three from an eight year time period displayed together on the mantle. Hope you will get a great one.

  8. Where does a mom get a raggedy ann and andy sweater????? That sweater rocks. As do your sweater vests....I had one similar with a scottie dog on it.

    You look amazingly like your mom.....but without the 1970's flippy 'do. Please take as a compliment, as I look exactly like my mom did in the 70's, but without the flippy 'do as well. :)

    I can't wait to see the results! are the pictures being taken on the back 40?

  9. also, this post is making me laugh out loud....boys holding dinosaurs on family pictures? everyone wearing red and blue? pirate vests? (does that include Mr. D? please say yes!) I'm seriously giggling...maybe it's the massive amount of cough syrup, but I'm enjoying it. :)

    If you get all 4 men in matching homemade sweater vests with pirates on them, I want a 5x7 for my living room. :)

  10. What, no ladybug or raggedy Andy for Dad? Still, a great picture.

    Hope you have fun with yours, however you decide to go with it! You know some might be disappointed if you don't go with those pirate vests...

  11. Oooo... you should TOTALLY go the matchy, matchy route and do I have the place for you (you won't have to make your own).

    Of course, you'll need a 2nd mortgage to afford that stuff but hey it's worth it, right :)

    Ok, enough sarcasm... I'm guessing 'c' since moms usually put themselves last when meeting family needs.

  12. We have to do the family picture thing too! Can I borrow the sweaters?

  13. I vote no on the matching toys!


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