Thursday, October 16, 2008

Not Done Yet

Sunflowers drying, waiting for the shucking

Wash, dry, repeat

50-odd tree shelters need to be pounded in the ground on the Back 40

Apples waiting to be made into applesauce and pies

Screens & windows need to be cleaned

Garden remnants

Don't poke me with a fork for 3 more days. Then? I'm DONE! Boarding the plane with Team Testosterone and heading to The Happiest Place on Earth (no, not George Clooney's Italian villa, but that's a really good guess). Last night while facing the Mean Kid in sparring class I kept thinking a week from tonight I'll be sitting at the Fantasmic show with my family. I'm whistling while I work today because the heaviest thing I plan to lift next week is my FastPass for Space Mountain.

What's on your list these days?


  1. I just lugged about 200 lbs of garden edgers and 320 lbs of dirt and manure from the store to my van and drove it home. Later, I get to drive all of that to the new house and unload every. single. pound. of all that and haul it to the back yard, where I will build two 4' x 8' raised beds for my future kitchen garden.

    Then, I get to repeat the entire procedure again so that I will have a total of four beds.

    I feel like whimpering.

  2. I threw up in my Coach purse on Space Mountain!
    Your to do list is impressive.

  3. My new 3-bin compost frame thingy arrived yesterday and needs to be assembled so that the 12 tons of leaves set to fall on my yard any day now will have a final resting spot. Of course the only day I think I have to put it together between now and Christmas is today. And it's raining.

    I also need to get in another big walk before the Breast Cancer Walk next weekend.

    And I need to vote.

    I'm hoping to combine those last two things into one big outing on Saturday morning.

    So I'm guessing that means it's going to rain on Saturday as well...

  4. I see nothing in my future but some A@@ kicking to get "someone" to write their college essays.

  5. I got my fall/winter maternity clothes listed on eBay ~ that was a big accomplishment for me! :)

  6. You do windows???

    You impress me more every day.

  7. Have the best time ever, Green Girl! I'm jealous. Never been.

  8. Just catching up with you tonight... you HAVE been busy! We have tried to grow sunflowers a million times, but they never catch and the boys are always disappointed. Okay, *I* am always disappointed! They are so beeeeoooteeful, I want a whole hedge full.

  9. You'll have a great time.

    I'm making puppets this week. School.

  10. are you freaking kidding me? one can GROW sunflower seeds? like, from sunflowers? awesome.

  11. I'd like you to figure out how to bottle all that energy you expend and send it on over.

  12. Ooh...I want to run away, too. I think I'll put that on my list.

    Those sunflowers look awesome!

  13. Dear Green Girl,

    I admire you, all that work you'v done.

    I envy you, Disney and all.

    Have a good trip. You deserve it. It truly is the happiest place on earth... sounds sappy, but it is.


  14. Looks like you earning your trip. :) Hope you have a great time! Nice to find another Wisconsinite. :)


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