Thursday, October 2, 2008

Self-inflicted panic attacks

See the black spots on that flypaper? Each one is a fly. Flies are grosser than spiders, centipedes or snakes. They pass diseases and they look creepy. My name is Green Girl and I'm Fly-ist.

This month is shaping up to be a scary one. First there is the huge PTA event--shopping day & bake sale I've stupidly agreed to commandeer. Will there be enough hot chocolate to sell? Cookies? Will I find enough 8 ft. long tables for the vendors at the event? Stay tuned... While that's going on, Mr. T's has his first Scout camporee (love how the Scouts have funny names for their activities). It'll be his 2nd overnight experience and I'm a little worried about him making it through. I'm okay with him going. He needs to start doing this friend-based stuff and Scouts seems to be providing him with the "in" to that world.

Today I'm working on the Tom Nelson campaign--my favorite politician. The trouble is, I hate making phone calls, so spending 2 hours calling unsuspecting strangers is a huge act of charity. Then I must start baking, cleaning and cooking for aforementioned PTA event and for some out of town guests en route to Sunday's Packer game. And attend one karate class this week after shopping for (you guessed it) supplies for PTA event. And shovel off a desk full of papers, forms and files and figure out what to get my parents for their 40th wedding anniversary.

Adding a layer of interest is a snotty 5 year old giving me grief and an infestation of houseflies upstairs. Which is the bigger pest? The upstairs windows look like the Amityville Horror. Ew. And when I get bored throwing myself into a panic over this unimportant stuff, I think about our trip this month to Disney World (what if I forget to pack Mr. T's medicine? my underwear? the confirmation numbers?). What if I go back to work someday? How will I handle motherhood, housekeeping and a job? Why is Mr. G doing that thing with his hands lately? Is it a sign of Tourrettes? Were the walnuts I put in the apple bread good? They taste funny...should I bring half the loaf to the neighbors? If the walnuts were bad, would it make them sick?

I think I'm transferring my deeper fears about the economy and the elections to ordinary stuff--anyone else care to hypothesize on my hyperventillating?


  1. Are you addicted to volunteer work? I'm starting to think you are.

    Re: Mr. G's hand action -- Call or email me. I'll be happy to fill you in what is or is not TS. Believe me, I know.

    Hang in there!

  2. Jenontheedge and I form your TS information posse. A big question would be if he has a vocal tic also.

    You sound just like me with the volunteer work. I finall learned to quit thinking too far ahead--I'd get overwhelmed. One day at a time worked pretty well for me.

  3. I think the flies are making everything else 'fly' out of proportion! Unless the idea of our government pulling this open-ended bill on us has you freaking. Doc just told me it has NO cap on it?! They get the $ in installments but can keep getting more and I'M the one freaking out!

    You will pull it all together, GG, you always do!
    And the I think you need to send an anonymous letter to your story librarian~

  4. I have no idea but you're making me hyperventilate!

    My hubby talks to excitedly about the day I go back to work so that we can have health insurance without paying $800 a month, but I don't know. I don't think he realizes what I do in a day. I don't know how it will all get done with me working too.
    You've just reaffirmed my thoughts.

  5. Don't know what to tell you. It's quite possible the greater fears could be the cause. But what I DO know is that the view out that window is pretty fabulous. Flies and all :)

  6. Flies. Nasty. We've had an ant infestation and rat infestation. For about 8 years. Disgusting.

  7. We have a crapload of flies at our house, too! They follow me around from place to place and drive me nuts!

  8. I still remember that stage. I used to call it "There's too much LIFE in my life"!

    I had to start cutting back when I started having migraines. I figured that was the Universal sign for brain overload.

  9. flies. ew.

    pta. ew.

    and this comes from the local pta treasurer, which is, apparently, me. ew.

  10. While my eldest is not quite the picture of "typical boyhood" he has gone through several very noticable tics over the years, but none of them have lasted for more than six months.
    I hate flies. They are just GROSS.
    Why deal with our actual concerns when there are so many lovely inconsequential details to fixate on instead?

  11. The walnuts were fine. Get out your vacuum on those flies. It works every time - pesticide free and you get the cleaning done and take a little frustration out!

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  13. Those flies are nothing. You should see the size of the giant spiders in my basement.

    I shudder to think of them.

    Hey, maybe I could box them up and send them to Wisconsin to help with your flies.

    Problem solved!

  14. Oh yes, step away from the coffee right now. I know, it's like telling someone to stop using up so much oxygen but there you go. I know that mind in overdrive feeling all too well.

  15. Ugh. You're making my list look small and that's no easy job!

    Good Luck.

  16. The deeper issues vs. the small stuff? I don't mind fussing over the small stuff because I actually have some control there. I can see success.

  17. Oy - I often do the same thing myself and I've just realized I don't write out enough of my true feelings on my own blog. I'm due for a real soul purging! I see from your more recent posts (sorry I'm so behind on EVERYTHING these days) that your PTA thing went to read the whole post(s)!


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