Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Tough Choices

Age 5: Eat my mushy yucky broccoli or go to bed early.

Age 10: Blow all my allowance on doll clothes or save up 10 allowances for a doll house.

Age 15: Keep "going with" Chad Smith who is kind, stable, a bad kisser and rather boring or write first break up note ever, make him & all friends hate you and be totally single.

Age 20: Take Political Science at 8:00 M/T/R or Religious Studies at 9:00 M/W/F to fulfill humanities requirement.

Age 25: Begin Masters degree in C&I to become better teacher or English to attempt teaching at a college.

Age 30: Drive 5 hours west to my side of the family for Christmas and have Mr. D & his family unhappy or drive 5 hours south to Mr. D's side of the family for Christmas and have my family unhappy.

Age 35: Control weed problem in field with illegal, air polluting and potentially dangerous burning or apply polluting, toxic, poisonous herbicide.

Age 37: Take cold medicine so I can breathe but get jittery and stay awake all night or wake up all night because I can't breathe due to clogged nose.

What's your rock and hard place lately?


  1. 21: Letting the boy cry for a few minutes in his crib until he learns to comfort himself as an infant.

    34: Letting the boy cry for a few minutes over the cell phone until he learns to occupy himself himself as a teen.

    Having to hold myself back because I just want to race in and make it all eaiser for him in both instances.

  2. 31 Use my maternity leave to job hunt and try to find something in the school system so I don't have to pay $900/mo for day care over the summer or suck it up and go back to a job I mostly love

  3. 51: Keep being miserable working until daughter graduates from college
    in 2 years or give in to 35 years of illness and start fighting for disability status.

  4. 43: Go back to work even though you don't "NEED" the money OR Lay awake worrying that you won't be able to find a job when you do "NEED" the money.

  5. Take a photography trip you really can't afford b/c you already paid for the class? or Clear your mind of the guilt, cash a few of the kids' savings bonds and go for it! Hell, the bonds aren't worth anything now anyway right?

    Yeah, I chose option 'B':)

  6. 45: Try to stay with a company that I'm not sure I like, but keep my seniority or take the money and run, possibly to the unemployment line.

  7. 20: Major in what I want or what my father wants.

    28: Infertility treatments or adoption. (Later negated by surprise pregnancy.)

    38: Build dream house and risk financial upheaval or just go for it.

    39: Look for another job or stay where I am.

  8. 30- Work on the marriage or just run- happy to say option A- A Healthy marriage is the hardest thing I have ever worked for. Including raising my children.

  9. This morning I am drowning in clutter so it's either freak out and get rid of EVERYTHING, or take a deep breath and try to figure out how to organize...

  10. 30: When my maternity leave is up in a few months, do I go back to soul-sucking job with good benefits and flexi-time in big, faceless corporation or take the plunge into unchartered territory become a montessori teacher where I can be with my baby all day long. I haven't fully decided yet, but i'm veering towards the teaching stuff.

    And Vicks Vaporub won't keep you up and will clear your nose :)

  11. 12: Be Julie Andrews or Agatha Christie? (no real choice)

    21: Go ahead and marry the cute first boy with the great bod who asked me or sneak off whilst engaged to him on that ski trip with the also cute intern I'm besotted with and see what happens? (wrong choice)

    30: Divorce with young child on the rationale two separated happy parents living apart are better than two miserable who stay together. (right choice)

    40: Stay single with good job and independence or marry the guy who is the kind I should have married the first time (absolutely the right choice0.

    Now for that cold: It's the antihistamine that makes you jitter and keeps you up. Get a plain decongestant, use Afrin nose spray for three days just before bed, and you'll able to sleep and get the rest you need. And call me in the morning!

  12. -Eat a bag of popcorn and a candy bar before I go to bed every night or fit into my favorite jeans.

    -Get up a half hour earlier and get the boys to school on time or sleep in a little and run around like a screaming banshee half the morning.

  13. Move to Spain or England immediately so that we can be closer to where Sean is now working (Mauritania), or be SENSIBLE and let the boys finish the school year and Chas do his SEA 11+ exam?

    Degree in Psychology, Anthropology, Kids Art Therapy, ???? I will begin in January and finally asked a therapist for Carreer Guidance!

    Sit here and read blogs while I yell "GET IN THE BATH! What do you mean you haven't finished your homework???" or get up, sit with them and read a story later.... Awwww, that's an easy one. Bye!!

  14. For the weeds? Try borax. sprinkle it on before a rainstorm, then after the storm, pull up the weedy garbage.

  15. Well, obviously, you pick the 9am MWF class so you can sleep an extra hour. Duh.

    Can't help you with rest.

  16. I want to know what happened with Chad. Can you please email me the outcome? It's like a soap opera, but real.

    41: tell friend her daughter has become the school mean girl and risk losing friendship or giving info that may or may not help the kid change

  17. Clean up the pigsty house in my half hearted way so that mom-in-law, who'll be visiting this weekend, thinks I always live slightly messily this way, or get a lot of writing done and let her worst fears be acknowledged--that after twenty two years being married to her son, my housekeeping skills have actually declined.

  18. I am age 30 and that is EXACTLY my worry right now. You are right on.

  19. Freak out over the state of our country or try not to think about it. Guess which one is winning?


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