Thursday, November 27, 2008

Grateful (in a stream of consciousness 3 minutes kind of way)

new mercies every day--Thanks, God, for grace.
3 healthy kids--for their creativity, their energy, their affection and their sweetness.
Mr. D who makes me laugh, supports me and is always faithful.
so many friends--Screw Iowa!, Bumble Book Club, old teachers, fellow bloggers, Taylor Street neighbors, karate pals and bowling gals.
a beautiful place to live, safe and affordable, fertile and quiet.
our newly elected Administration, new hope, change.
daily luxuries, a soft bed, books to read, coffee, NPR's Morning Edition, writing, music.
family, sunshine, snow, rain, beanbag chairs, flowers, chocolate, swimming, hiking, cookies, the color green, fresh paint, live theater, comfy shoes, the smell of line-dried sheets, lame jokes, baseball, old photo albums, cross-country skiing, Garrison Keillor's voice.

Happy Thanksgiving, Reader!


Spill it, reader.