Monday, November 17, 2008

In defense of plastic trees

I've figured out the "bargain" of fast food--I still feel pretty full 19 hours after my A&W binge! Incredible what a little grease and fat will do to one's system. Think of what I've saved by not eating for nearly a day!

Team Testosterone is determined to have Christmas in our house right now whether I help them or not. To that end, they spent two hours in Mr. B's room armed with scissors, construction paper and markers. They made it snow, decorated our fake tree* found stored in an upstairs closet and added a fireplace for Santa to use. Their enthusiasm even melted this Grinchy Gal's heart--it grew two sizes when she saw the finished product.

O Christmas tree--how beautiful your branches!

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

Down through the chimney comes good St. Nick

It's official, my kids are goofy goobers.

* Explanation: I know you're surprised to see a fake fiber-optic tree in my house. A few years ago we had a chronic tree-tipping problem. Our lovely 14 ft. tall balsam crashed across the length of our living room THREE times. The second time it landed on a 3-year-old Mr. B who I wouldn't have found buried beneath it's branches if he hadn't been screaming in terror. The third crash occurred when nobody else was in the room--which meant Mr. D had nobody to blame. Mr. D, in a fit of disgusted fury, chucked the entire tree out the back door and stormed off to the local hardware store, where, in the middle of December, the only available replacement this 4 ft. beauty. It stood humbly in the space we'd cleared for it's gigantic, more organic cousin. The following Christmas Mr. D was wiser about setting up tall trees and Team Testosterone inherited the fiber-optic tree for their playroom.


  1. That's adorable. I love the fireplace.

    I have a few fake trees, but we always get at least one real one. I swear, you can read 20 arguments FOR fake trees and 20 arguments AGAINST fake trees, so I decided to just ignore both sides and do what works for me.

    I hate it when DOTR wants to get it too early, though, because it usually goes kaput before Christmas.

    This year I think we may just have to go with the fake one because we have the house on the market and you know that they'll be coming in droves to look at the house between now and New Year's. (stop me before I become more delusional!)

  2. A 14' tree? Are you insane? Of course it tipped over. ;-)

    I will confess to having TWO fake trees. My parents bought them for my girls when they were little so that they could hang their own ornaments (I buy them a new one every year) in their rooms. This year, for the first time, I might let them actually have lights on their trees. I know, I'm so generous.

  3. I just love it when the "kids" can figure things out by themselves! They knew that they would have to take things in their own hands and get this Christmas thing going. What fun to see the fire place and the tree all ready for you...

  4. LOVE the Chimney.

    We have that same optic tree. And that's all we have. And I ain't gonna make any excuses. It's what we got. So there.

  5. I can feel the warmth of that fireplace all the way here in Germany.

  6. Ahh... That's too cute. I'm glad their helping their momma get into the spirit.

    We have a fake tree as well. It was purchased when I grew tired of throwing out our real tree mid-December to travel home. It was just too sad to see an abandoned Christmas tree left by the trash on Dec 16th.

    Maybe now that we have L, we'll get back in the habit of real trees. It's just so much fun picking one out.

  7. Quit talking about A&W onion rings and burgers! You have no idea how hard it was to resist the urge over the weekend. If I weren't off to hunt down pastry I'd be headed off in the other direction getting gallons of root beer and piles of O rings.
    Love your decoratons, btw. Your family rocks.
    Let it snow, damn it. I've been crossing fingers for the last few hours when for five seconds it was actually sunny and snowing. (Trying to get a photo.)

  8. THEY ARE GENIUSES! WE have no real trees here, (unless we are certain people who have our real tree SHIPPED IN, but we won't ever talk about THEM)... Where was I?

    For years we had a home-made bamboo branch which Sean and the boys would go out and cut, snip, drill, and fix till it resembled a really arty creative christmas tree. Everyone loved it except me! Finally one year, Santa took pity on me and came on Christmas night, took down the bamboo tree and replaced it with a GORGEOUS fake 8-foot tree. The kids nearly fainted with amazement Christmas morning, and now every year we put up our Santa Tree. It absolutely fills me with joy. We lie on the floor under it and look up into the lights and decorations and ... *sigh*...

  9. I LOVE your boys and I've never even met them. But they are clearly AMAZING!

    A friend of mine moved to a new house and gave me two fake trees that she doesn't want anymore. I've been storing them in my college daughter's bedroom. The last time she was home, she said it was like sleeping in a forest! You know, I might just keep them there all year round. And now I'm inspired to draw her a bonfire to go with them!

  10. Been there, done that, also threw the tree onto the porch.

    And that fireplace is precious.

  11. That is the grandest fake tree ever. Especially with the fireplace. Imagination lives on!!!

  12. We had one a few years ago that kept falling. We discovered that while it looked straight, it had an S curve in the trunk! That year prompted our family to sing, "Oh, Christmas Tree, Oh, Christmas Tree; I hope you don't fall over!"

  13. Seriously, you have to go back and read the Hotfessional's Christmas tree stories - the stuff of legends!

  14. that is so sweet. my boys haven't figured out decorating is an option yet.sshhh.. don't tell them.

  15. They did a great job!

    I'm surprising myself and already getting into the Christmas spirit. Very early for me.

  16. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

  17. That is the most adorable story. The decorated tree is precious as is the snow on the floor. They'll remember this when they grow up and have children that will have opportunies to be creative, too.

    Applause to you for celebrating what they create!!
    De Pere Hugs!

  18. I would love a real tree...some day *sniff*

    Okay, quick fireplace story--we don't have one and when my girls were super little (like 4,3,2) they were concerned about how Santa would come in and I was all like, he just comes through the door. My oldest FREAKED the heck out thinking a Santa would be stomping around our house and made sure we locked the doors tight. She would have none of that. So down a chimney? Cute and Homey. Through the front door? Scary and Psychotic.

  19. Your blog made me so happy this morning..and I think that fireplace finally kindled a little christmas spirit. Was seriously considering NOT putting up a tree this year (yes it's fake). Your post made me realise again why we tired mommies go through the ordeal of dusting the damn thing off every IS magic..and that is something we want to keep alive for our kids for as long as we can. Look out fake I come!

  20. That fireplace is wicked cool. And the tree decor? Divine.

    Can I ask a dumb question? Aren't fake trees good for the environment because the prohibit excessive cutting? What are your thoughts on the fake trees. I am a fake tree girl and I like to justify these things.


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