Saturday, November 1, 2008

Silver Foxes--A Birthday Tribute

Green Girl has always had a special place in her heart for the Silver Fox. Sexy gray haired guys can make her heart swell, her throat dry up, her knees wobble. Sure, some women find nothing attractive about the distinguished streaks of age on a man's temples, but Green Girl thinks it is a look of supreme elegance and (wait for it...) awesomeness.

A gray haired man can still exude boyish charm,

a sense of reckless adventure,


um, Neil? You're Green Girl's Secret Gay Boyfriend, not her Secret Gray Boyfriend. You don't belong in this post.

Ah, that's better. Gray haired men can be sooooo sexy,


and debonair.

Green Girl's pretty damn lucky to find all of these attributes in one singularly sensational Silver Fox. Happy Birthday, Mr. D. Love, Your Wife


  1. Happy birthday!

    The last photo is the by far the best. :-)

  2. that's so sweet. happy birthday!

    and yeah, neil patrick harris is my secret gay boyfriend too! love him -- and all the other men you posted...

  3. Happy birthday! from a grey-haired gal :)

  4. is he actually gay? i don't know why i don't know this and why i care.

    have cake, happy birthday.

  5. What a great family shot! Yup, he is handsome, your favorite debonair guy. Ply him with cake all weekend!

  6. Awwwww. Such a cute family.

    Happy birthday to your man.

  7. Awwwww. Happy Birthday Mr. D. What an awesome family, Melissa.

  8. Yes, your silver fox is a handsome one. Happy Birthday to your sweetheart!

  9. Happy Birthday!

    Why is it that it doesn't work that way for women?! Except for Helen Mirren.

  10. Doc is a Silver Fox, too, so I totally get ya, GG!
    Happy Birthday Mr. D~

    (So glad you put Cary Grant in there)

  11. Yum! What a delicious post. You posted all my favorite silver foxes. Happy birthday to your hubby!

  12. Excellent family shot. I'm glad it's Neil and not your husband that's your secret gay boyfriend.

  13. I love the family photo! Happy Birthday to your hubby:)

  14. What a beautiful family.

    And what fun to finally see Green Girl! It's you! It's really you!

    Happy Birthday, Mr. D!

    Enjoy your celebration...

  15. Damn, good for you! Oh, and happy birthday to hubby.

  16. Yummy post and an adorable family! Happy Birthday to Green Guy in Wisconsin :)

  17. Lovely post!
    Lovely family.

    from another Wisconsin Girl
    in Green Portland.

  18. Woo-wee. I have always loved gray/silvered headed men. I dig them too. Cannot wait for my hubby to get older.

  19. You caught my attention. I agree men with gray hair= distinguished. Women with gray hair= OLD! I must go color my hair.
    Happy B-Day, great pic.

    Sweet Wishes,


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