Saturday, November 22, 2008

Weekend Update

Doing NaBloPoMo makes me really appreciate those weekend bloggers--Blackbird, Ree, and Kat at Seeking Sanity. It's good to try it once in a while, like getting the flu, to make you appreciate what's all involved in regular life.

Mr. D took to the deep northern woods in chase of the elusive white-tailed buck. I took Team Testosterone to the Twin Cities to visit my folks. The bonus of this journey has been a side trip to visit my good friend Mary (of gorgeous scarf-knitting fame) who treats me like a queen. This woman treats cooking like an art form and I do not take her skills for granted. Her good company (and her family's), hospitality and brunch is taking the edge off of my biannual visit to my family and I feel very thankful for that.

Come to think of it, visiting family a couple times a year is a bit like the flu, too. It makes me really appreciate my regular life back at the ranch. Eighteen hours to go, people.


  1. "...visiting family a couple times a year is a bit like the flu..."

    Which kind of flu? The kind that makes you achy and sniffly or the kind that affects your G-I tract?

    For me, visiting certain relatives is definitely like the latter. Well, no, I'd take vomiting any day over seeing certain people.

  2. I have relatives like that. Mine come in the form of the Golden Child and his wife, the wicked witch of Canada. ;-)

    Excuse me while I go check out gorgeous scarves.

  3. i've got some family visits coming up over the holidays. not looking forward to it. can't wait until december 26....io54

  4. "Fish and visitors stink after three days." -- attributed to Ben Franklin, but he stole a lot of his sayings. I think this one could apply to visiting, too.

  5. "...visiting family a couple times a year is a bit like the flu..."

    I must confess I will be using this quote as my own. It's so true.

    We have a 3 day mattress for when my family comes. It's so nonsupporting that after 3 days, your back hurts so much, you go home. Works like a charm.

  6. Hummm. I love visiting my family. They are all such a hoot, but I love getting back to my house too...and my comfy bed and my unending hot water!

  7. I do, sometimes, take weekends off. Three times - I think.

  8. Thats OK,when I talk to mine over the phone it usually takes me 24/48hours to get over it.I'm having chills and feeling queasy just thinking about it. ;p

  9. phew - just had the flu, which I suspect was easier than namaploblah - exhausting!
    Big hug


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