Monday, December 29, 2008


Ah, the singular sweet sensation of post-holiday stinging--Mr. B is having some weird allergic reaction to we don't know what--so I'll take him to the doctor this aft to try and figure it out and stop the itching/burning/swelling that has overtaken each of his ears. (A quick Internet search was NO help--it suggested bacterial meningitis--just the sort of ailment a worried mother wants to suspect in the middle of the night.) My house is still trashed, my children are crashing after a steady diet of sugar and late nights since the 24th, the fridge is nearly empty and my laundry baskets overflow.

It's a good thing Mr. D gave me a Wavemaster for Christmas--beating the smack out of that is healthier than cracking open another bottle of wine.


  1. Oh dear. Sounds like my house. I am on the post Christmas crash right now. Blaahhh.
    What is a Wavemaster?

    Hope Mr. B is just fine. :)

  2. You can't control what your Mother thinks....I know that you are doing your best with your family and all the drama that goes with your "other" family. Don't let her "should" you--"you should do this or you should do that"!
    Hope all the gifts arrived on time.

  3. Oh boy....what's on her S**t-list now? Crazy lady. If you want someone to join you in wine, however, Give me a buzz. I got the John Adams DVD set, so we can history-and-drink ourselves senseless.

    Let me know if you need help with the boys B/C of mr. B. Maybe this is a sign he's going to be a wrestler at FHS....wrestlers always have funky ears. :)

  4. The silent treatment? Oooh, that really makes me mad. I much prefer the yelling treatment--things get resolved much more quickly that way.

  5. Ugh. Maybe a better title would have been an Everclear album title, "So Much for the Afterglow".

    Sorry things suck right now. I told my hubby that family always hangs around long enough at the holidays to really screw things up and then they leave. Hubby and I have been bickering ever since the in-laws left. Hopefully things will get better for both of us, and I hope Mr. B is feeling better soon.

  6. So sorry things aren't so sweet at your house. But glad you have your Wavemaster... what's a Wavemaster??
    Maybe a bit of Nog throughout the day for medicinal purposes!! I wish we weren't about to hop in the car to shop in Appleton... our gift cards are burning the proverbial 'hole' in our pockets...
    I'd come over and help you!! Really!!

  7. Sorry about the Toxic Mom Syndrome.

    Has Mr B been using any new headset that may have weird chemicals?

    Wanna switch houses? My 23 yr old says it is WAY too quiet here. He came to Costco with me just for the excitement.

  8. An allergy that affects the ears? Huh. I must admit I am intrigued. Hope the young Mr. is feeling better quickly.
    As far as the Mama goes, I seem to have "really done it" repeatedly according to all the relatives who do not live here. I just take a moment to consider their perfection, *coughing fit*, and then I am more likely to blow off the stupidity.

  9. Oh, my. I hope things improve for you and yours.

  10. As the Saint says "the holdiays aren't about having fun - they're about trying to make my family happy". Trying is the operative word. Sheesh.

  11. The silent treatment is so passive aggressive and lame. I'm with Jenn, give me a good toe-to-toe any day.

    I hope B feels better soon.

  12. Did he get a mask, helmet, cape or scarf which could have caused the itching? I once wrapped a curtain around my head as a veil and had a reaction to something in the fabric. Did he have a christmas decoration on his head? A wreath around his neck?

    I love silent treatment. After years of practice, yoga, meditation and therapy, I can totally pretend the person in question doesn't have a problem. (If they did they would say something, right?!) I can totally get on with my merry life and not be affected by their crap. So there!

  13. I am so with you on everything but the ear itching and the silent treatment.

    Everything else? The overflowing laundry? Sugar crashes? Trashed house? I can relate.

    Meanwhile, I hope all is well with Mr. B! Keep us updated! Also, may your mom begin to talk soon (or not?)

  14. Hi - I shot over here from Outnumbered Two to One's Place. Just wanted to know that if you follow through with a hit on your mother, I'll follow through with a hit on yours.

    But don't mention it at my blog because my mom scares the crap out of me just with the lift of an eyebrow.

  15. Aack - I hate medical mysteries where the kids are involved. Good luck!

  16. The holidays bring out the best and worst in all of us.

    I've been doing laundry for days... but my house is an absolute disaster.

    Hope you figure out what's ailing Mr. GG.

  17. Maybe your husband is allergic to negativity and snide remarks like me.

    All this kind of makes you glad the holidays are over, huh? I'm not sure about your final statement about exercise being better than wine though. I'll have to think about that.

    Hope you get back to normal in the house soon.


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