Monday, December 8, 2008

Philosophical Musings

En route between church and home, Team Testosterone and I always stray into the deepest part of the water with our conversations. Sometimes we discuss survival of the fittest.
"If a baby bird and a baby taratula got into a fight, who would die?" Answer: Probably the baby bird if it couldn't fly yet.

Sometimes we discuss metaphysical issues.

"How did God create plants on Day 3, but not sun, moon and stars until Day 4?" Answer: Ummm... not real sure on that one. A good question for Pastor Harris? "Who is stronger than Jesus?" Answer: GOD! (followed by a huge DUH!)

Sometimes we address deeper questions about archetypes.

"Who is the best superhero?"
Answer: Batman! Well, no, because he doesn't really have super powers. Superman would be the BEST superhero, but Batman is the coolest. Followed closely by Flash. But Superman is the Ultimate Strong superhero. (Follow that?)

Batman: Coolest superhero--he has gadgets.

In our wondering about the great questions in the Universe at large, we've accidentally stumbled upon one of the Big Ones.

"Which force of nature is the strongest? Fire, water, air or earth?"

You see, each force can be quelched by another--and can feed each other AND can overcome the other (kind of like Rock, Paper, Scissors). Fire can destroy anything--it can boil up water, suck up the air, scorch the earth. BUT! Sand can smother a fire, so can air and water. Air is strong--but the earth can stop the wind, water can remove the air, fire can suck the air up or heat it and cause it to move forcefully like in a backdraft. But wind can move water, extinguish fire, erode the earth.

Water is strong. Water can put out fire, drown the earth and erode it, water takes up more mass than air. But! A big fire can boil and evaporate water--turning it to steam, earth can dam back the force of water or suck it away like in an earthquake--and aren't tsunamis caused by earthquakes--the earth moving water? Wind can move the water any which way, like in a hurricane. What is stronger than the earth--rocks, mountains? Earth rises in the water, proving its strength, water moves around earth. Earth subdues water and protects from the wind. Yet the other three forces can destroy earth--wind erodes it like the Dust Bowl, fire remolds the landscape through volcanic eruptions and lava, and water floods it and carves out its path like rivers and ocean coastlines.

What's the strongest force in your opinion? Earth, Fire, Water, or Air?


  1. I think Air. Hurricanes, Tornados.

    We had a Category 2 Hurricane when I lived in MA. The wind tore down half of our fence and all the screens from the south side of the house and some of our shutters. There were so many trees down in the roads that we had no power for 10 days.

    When I see pictures of entire neighborhoods wiped out by tornados, I can't imagine anything being able to stop that wind force.

  2. Ahh - my old Feng Shui teacher would love you. And if you go by that philosophy then I think you were right to say they all balance one another out. I've had direct experience with all but a flood, and while tornados terrify me, I think water may be the worst. (The earthquake wasn't very big - it was actually really cool :))

  3. I'm going with the literal meaning of the question with "strongest" and not "most destructive". I'd have to say that the earth would be the strongest in the sense that even though water, air and fire can effect and move the earth, the earth remains. It may be relocated during a flood or a dust bowl, but it remains a constant.

  4. What great questions! So good for exercising those brain cells!

    Fire freaks me out. And spiders...I need another cup of coffee after that photo!

  5. I think water. It makes up most of the earth and most of us.

    Not to mention, you use it to make coffee.

  6. Wow.

    I say the greatest force is air. We need air to breathe, it is contained within water to sustain life there, it controls/progresses fire, and the earth(soil)benefits from air's capabilities for life/seed spreading and I don't know what else.....

  7. Well, I'm reading an article in Outside Magazine about rogue waves, so I might have to go with that, since I'm sort of under the influence of the reporting right now.

    I'll let you know if I change my mind later. :-)

  8. That one is too tough for me, babe.

  9. Wait a minute. I can't just blow by the Super Heroes here. Super Woman clearly rocks the most. Followed closely by several others. But Super Woman... for sure.

  10. Water - people don't give it enough respect!

    Although the unplanned blaze in our kitchen last month was pretty scary!

  11. Luuuurve is the strongest force.

    Tell Team Testosterone that Chas once had a pet 3-inch tarantula. It was black with pink socks, and ate LIVE flies. Guess who had to catch the flies? I eventually let it go.

  12. What about Wonder Woman? She had an INVISIBLE AIRPLANE! And thighs!

    I've seen storms at sea. Water.

  13. Each is as powerful as the other because alone, no force would have anything to be forceful over. By itself, wind would have nothing to move. Water would have nothing to drown or wash away. Fire would have nothing to consume - you get the idea. Their power in dependent on the existence of the others.

  14. Tonight? I vote for snow. Wait, that wasn't on the list.

  15. I never got passed the Arachnid!! They're most terrifying. I took one down with a can of Aqua Net (hair spray). I'd say that was pretty powerful.

    I've been so busy maintaing estrogen balance...YEA! creating cupcake and ice cream cone clippie orders. It's been wonderful to be surrounded by sooo much pink! Although I've missed visiting your blog!
    Sweet Wishes,

  16. Water, based on what I've seen in our hurricanes in NC. But you make a good case for all of them.

  17. Oww. This is making my brain hurt.
    I'll say air since it can make all the others more fierce. More wind, bigger fires. More mind, bigger tidal waves. Hurricanes, tornados. You get the picture.

    But what the heck do I know?

  18. I'll let you know when my head stops hurting from all this thinking.

    Back when I was teaching matter (solid, liquid, and gas) to 1st graders, they offered up this question to me: What state of matter is fire? That was one I couldn't answer and had to call on a professor at Duke U. to answer it for them.

  19. It's way too late at night for philosophical and existential questions. Sorry.

  20. Uhm... *scratches head*... that one. Its that one *points over there*

  21. I vote for water, mostly because I'm most afraid of it. I can swim, so it's not that, it's just the overwhelming force of water, and I live in a tornado state. You can get away from those, if you go underground, but water, once it comes, is so hard to get away from.

  22. Hmmm. . . the Matron can't decide, after reading all these interesting reflections! But if pressed: air. That's the yoga teacher in her. . .

  23. The strongest force on earth? An angry Mommy. Period.

    I see MANY conversations like this in my future!

  24. Air. Definately. Unseen, but it's effects are everywhere.
    Gotta love CC's SuperWoman though.


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