Thursday, December 4, 2008

Strange Discoveries

* The missing power-charger-cord for my new videocamera that I thought we left behind in our Walt Disney World resort--FOUND! In Mr. D's duffel bag. I knew we would not have left it behind after going through the rooms 5 times double-checking to make sure we had packed all our possessions. Of course Mr. D grabbed it and stowed it. And now I can videotape my children in all their Christmas festivities. Whew.

* A cat dingleberry on Mr. D's side of the bed while looking in said duffel bag. Ew.

* Boy Scout "iron on patches" don't iron on. And they take a needle made of steel to sew on.

* For months Mr. D has been telling me that the Fed should lower interest rates for middle-income homeowners so they can refinance and free up cash which would then stimulate the economy because these are people who would increase their consumer spending (as opposed to stimulus checks to low income people whose spending would either remain steady or go towards already-incurred debt). Did you follow that? Anyway, this morning NPR had an expert explaining why the government is finally doing just that. Mr. D: Economic Genius? Predictor of Mortgage Rates? Smarter than the average Fed analyst? Quite possibly...

* A pile of my jewelry "hidden" in the play room alongside a stash of plastic weapons. Methinks Team Testosterone has been pillaging.

What strange things have you found lately, reader?

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  1. Found three Christmas cards that I forgot to mail in with the Christmas lights. WHAT? Why were they there. Cards were addressed and stamped. So what did I do..mailed them this year with a note on the envelope. Hope those people get a laugh

  2. My bra strap that went missing on vacation in July... found in hubby's suitcase 2 weeks ago. No dingelberries though.

  3. What a smart cookie that Mr. D is. I too have found the occasional kitty dingleberry. Argh matey! It seems yer scrogs be pilferin' yer booty! To Davey Jones locker with 'em!

  4. Glad you found that cord!!!!

    Well, after going broke at Costco to do things like buy a new mouse, get Brita filters, etc. We discovered my old mouse just needed new batteries (again!?). That was my strange happy discovery. That means that we may actually get to buy milk this month. Woo hoo!

  5. Pete found mouse droppings on top of his cubicle at work. He's working at home today. No rat turds here, I can promise you.

    I'm finding all sorts of weird stuff while I'm packing boxes for the move. Unused photo albums, old photos, and more.

  6. I could have given you the 411 on the Boy Scout patches and some advice--get a thimble!

    I'm hoping to recover my missing sanity this weekend.

  7. Yay for Mr. D!

    My puppy found something strange that goes buzz buzz, tastes pokey and made her lip swell up like a blowfish.

  8. You can use some glue on those patches....or get the "spot" really hot first and then put the patch on that spot and hold the iron on for a long time! Or, do like my daughters do.. call me..
    I did put one on upside down, but who looks.

  9. Boy Scout Patches? Iron them on with hem tape underneath to give you real sticking power, then sew 'em as you have time. The hem tape will usually hold until the shirt needs to be washed and it makes the stitching easier.

  10. Hmmm...let's see. Found an ex-boyfriend on Facebook - he sent me a friend request. Is it just me or is that weird and slightly creepy?

  11. A couple of years ago, Mr. Hot's kids (the one I had with him AND the two others) bought me a 24" little stuffed guy with all of those tickets you get playing skeeball at game places.

    Annyway, I found him - he was missing since we got him. I thought I was going to have to put his face on a milk carton.

  12. Newsflash: The cat who is terrified into immobility by the great outdoors is irrisistably drawnto the fake tree planted in the living room. I don't know if that's somuch "discovery" as "inevitability".

  13. Okay, I'll play...

    I have this fantastic pair of pants that I love. The only problem is the zipper unzips every time I sit or bend down. They're not tight, it's just the dag-blamed zipper won't lock.


    Today I found that if I rub pencil on the zipper teeth (who knew?) there will be just enough friction to keep the zipper in place.

    Hard to beat... I know.

    (especially when a dingleberry makes your list!)

    :D -MM

  14. I have found myself "forgetting" some power cord or other cord when I get home and unpack. Usually, I'll find it stuffed in some other place than where I expect it to be...

  15. Oh, the patches? Don't bother with hot glue, either. It doesn't take. I tried it with Girl Scout patches. And I was a leader!!

  16. So dingleberry is a word used outside my family? I thought that one of my siblings invented it. I feel like I did when I found out my Grandmother didn't invent the rootbeer float.

  17. Found...Nothing.
    Lost...All sorts of things.

    Will report back when lost things are found..Don't wait up this could take a while..*snort*

  18. A severed mouse tail presumably from a trap that disappeared a week ago in the basement. Still haven't found it.

    Wonder where the rest of the mouse is too.


  19. I just found a HUGE piece of Tigger's fur in the dining room, like someone had stepped on his furry tail.


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