Wednesday, December 17, 2008

tickled pink!

Clever, crafty, inspired Gina over at Six in the Country bestowed this award on me. My blog is fabulous! How cool! I'll postpone my Pink Panther story for tomorrow and let you in on 5 addictions before passing this award on to 5 friends.

1. Coffee. And if I'm not drinking home brew, it's a plain old regular latte with no flavors added.
2. Karate--sparring, kicking boards, kung fu movies, the whole Kung Pao Chicken.
3. Blogging. (duh.)
4. The sight & sound of Team Testosterone playing.
5. Books.

Five friends who are fabulous!

1. Mom on the Run over at Abnormally Normal.

2. Saucy at Bloggedy-blog-blog.

3. Fannie at This isn't what I ordered.

4. Abbyjess of My Sweet Baboo fame.

5. Heidi who writes Reason for Everything.

Go on and give 'em a read if you never have--I guarantee you'll laugh, get a little inspired, see a little beauty, and even choke up a bit.

In other news, this morning I lowered Mr. T's meds by another fifth, so far, so good. My favorite plumber fixed my kitchen faucet and it flows full strength--lurrrrve that man. Tonight I test for my BROWN belt (ooooh....ahhhhhh!).

Days 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29 of my 29-Day Giving Challenge: (Bet you thought I forgot!) Gave five bottles of fruity wine to a friend's grandma. Covered Cubbies' game time for a friend at church last night. Swept the snow off the cars parked around me in a parking lot--no idea who drove these cars, but I hope they were glad to find them cleared off. Gave just the right book to a friend to pull her out of a funk. Helped 2 teenaged babysitters understand the difference between gerend & participial phrases and lent them grammar books from my library. Gave up a good parking spot to an elderly woman--she needed to be closer to the store than I did.


  1. Congrats on that awesome award!
    And good luck on your brown belt test tonight. I'm sure you'll kick (I'm such a dork) butt!

  2. The people were glad to find their cars cleared off. :) Someone did that for me last year and I smiled for the rest of the day.

    BTW, thanks for reminding me of Wendy Holden. I devoured her first four books a few years ago and hoped for more - looks like I'm in luck!

    Good luck with your brown belt test. :)

  3. Well bless your heart, an award for me? Thanks!

  4. congrats on the award, you rock!!

    and so nice to brush off the cars!

  5. I hope the car owners weren't thinking ''what creep was stalking my car??'' hehehehe. just kidding. That was really nice to do.

  6. First...hope all goes well with lowering the dosage. Oh, and with testing tonight.

    Second...THANKS! My first award!

  7. Good luck!
    I'm crossing my fingers still with the meds! I'm glad it's going well.

  8. Good luck on the brown belt! Also, in a pinch, I bet it would look great with a pair of hot jeans! :)

    (I'm so not Karate...and I'm obviously not fashion either.)

    PS: the Christmas Card Interview with Katy Courick made me laugh out loud....excellent writing.

  9. Go cream 'em!, BROWN 'em!
    And congrats on a well-deserved award~

    Day 29 and you did it! You rock,GG!
    I used to pay the toll for the person behind me when it was a dime on the Southern State Pkway on Long Island. Then had fun watching them try to catch up to me to see if they knew me...

  10. I love coming out to find my car cleared off. I always try to pass that little good deed along.

  11. Congrats!

    I'm sure those teens were oh so pleased for that grammar lesson. ;)

  12. Ah, Karma is gonna love you. Good luck in your brown belt test! You ARE Fabulous, so it's a snap!

  13. I don't know about 5 bottles of wine to a grandma. I'm sure that you have that brown belt on your waist after tonight.

  14. Lots of good deeds and a well-deserved award.

    If you're ever down and need a lift, overtip a server. I did it once, accidentally, and her reaction had me smiling for days.

  15. Thank you so much. I am absolutely honored. Reading your blog and comments always brings a smile to my face. Thanks for being part of my tiny section of the blogosphere.

    (My fingers are still crossed and my heart praying for your son. Let the end of meds be near.)

  16. Congratulations on your award! Well deserved!

  17. Congrats!!! And love the paying it forward.

  18. I would LOVE it if someone cleared snow off of my car off for me. Those people you helped must be sending you lots of positive vibes! How neat you did that.

  19. You ARE fabulous! You are one of my wish-i-knew-in-real-life people. :) Wear your badge proudly.

  20. Thanks for the award! I will now have to narrow my addictions down to five.

    Are you glad to be done with the 29-Day-Challenge? I liked it but I did struggle towards the end. I'm trying to let it evolve into my daily routine naturally now, and it is.


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